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The Wargame series gets back to obligation, bigger, more extravagant and more staggering than any other time in recent memory. In Wargame Red Dragon, you are occupied with a huge scope struggle where Western powers conflict against the Communist alliance.

1991: the two coalitions stand up to one another in another battlefield, Asia, joined by different nations: Japan, China, North Korea, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand.

WARGAME: RED DRAGON – V21.09.28.58710 + 8 DLCS Download link

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You order the tactical assets of every one of the 17 countries included, collecting your battling power from a remarkable determination of 1,450 units that have been fastidiously repeated from their source! Order tanks, planes, helicopters, new warships and land and/or water capable units in exceptional skirmishes of unrivaled strategic profundity. Expert the alleviation of fluctuated, ultra reasonable front lines, rule the new sea regions and rework history in a contention that has been coordinated and planned in dazzling point of interest by improvement studio Eugen Systems.

Wargame Red Dragon is exciting in single-player mode with its new powerful mission framework, and furthermore offers a broad multiplayer mode where up to 20 players can go up against one another all the while.

Country Pack: South Africa


Get once again into the battle with the South African Defense Force’s extraordinary Cold War arms stockpile

in the new Wargame Red Dragon – Nation Pack: South Africa.

With this new top to bottom Nation Pack development for the Eugen Systems’ famous RTS, you will play with the

hard-hitting and versatile battling powers of the SADF, as sent during the Border Wars of the 1980s. Assume

responsibility for near 90 new units, fastidiously investigated and meticulously reproduced and all completely

voiced in one or the other Afrikaans or South African-highlighted English.

Known for its quick wheeled units and forceful infantry, the SADF was one of the head battling powers on the African

landmass – and one of a handful of the occupied with open Cold War struggle. Zeroed in on independence because

of severe worldwide bans, the SADF handled numerous native plans, exceptionally adjusted to the neighborhood

climate and combat zone conditions.

From Casspir and Ratel APCs to the followed Olifant fundamental fight tank, the wheeled G6 Renoster self-pushed

ordnance, Rooivalk assault helicopters – the SADF’s prestigious munititions stockpile is currently completely

accessible in Wargame Red Dragon.

WARGAME: South Africa Features

Play with near 90 new SADF units, including 20 fresh out of the plastic new vehicle models, just as various new variations.

These incorporate the omnipresent Casspir and Ratel APCs (IFV, recon, order, mortar, and even SAM), the Rooikat

wheeled tank (counting variations and models), Eland (permit delivered French AML), Cactus (French Crotale), the

followed Olifant MBT, many furnished variants of privately made SAMIL trucks (Ystervark and Bosvark

SPAAG, Valkiri and Bateleur MLRS), to the notable G6 Renoster self-moved howitzer.

Flying corps accessible component the old Buccaneer, Vampire and Impala as close-air support, just as a few French Mirage variations and privately changed Cheetah as warrior and multirole airplanes. Besides, you will discover the Atlas Carver model, the arranged (yet dropped) first full South African plane plan.

Helicopters incorporate the French Alouette III, Puma, Super Frelon and their privately delivered forms and models like the K-Car, Oryx and XTP-1 Beta. You’ll likewise will actually want to convey South Africa’s own personal assault helicopter plan, the Rooivalk.

Infantry highlights Bokkop customary shooters, Parabat paratroopers, SASF extraordinary powers, and a lot more units

like volunteer army, recon, MANPADS, engineers. You will likewise discover Portuguese-speaking Angolian UNITA crews,

just as SADF’s own 32 Battalion (the Buffalos), a veteran light infantry development.

SADF weaponry highlights imported or privately fabricated R1 and R4 rifles, SS-77 and Mini-SS MG, LRAC and

APILAS LAW, yet additionally the more unique HK-21, FT5, Inflict, and, obviously, the notable

Y2 explosive launcher and NTW-20 substantial rifleman rifle.


WARGAME: Included DLCs

Norse Dragons

South Africa

Country Pack: Israel

Second Korean War

Country Pack: Netherlands

The Millionth Mile

Russian Roulette [10vs10 Map DLC]

Twofold Nation Pack: REDS


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