You are currently viewing Violet Evergarden: Unique Perspective on Gender and Sexism

Violet Evergarden: Unique Perspective on Gender and Sexism

Violet Evergarden: The Anime’s Unique Perspective on Gender and Sexism

Violet Evergarden is an emotional train ride from start to finish. Filled with sad moments, life lessons and relatable quotes along the way.

Violet Evergarden

Violet Evergarden’s genre

Violet Evergarden is a high school drama with a supernatural twist. A quirky ghost, a host of angels, a sentient robot and a story of self discovery and redemption. There’s also a rogue kaiju looking for his creator. The anime started off slow. A lot of exposition was added early on about time travel, the fundamental differences between men and women and the revolutionary transformation of “heroes” into “warriors”. As the series progressed, the story became more intriguing, and the characters more human. Violet’s journey and transformation from a girl with no goals to a bitter warrior who battles injustice were handled well. In an industry filled with artfully made fan service, Violet Evergarden stood out by providing a touching tale of truth and love.

Violet Evergarden'S


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Violet Evergarden: The anime’s message

Violet Evergarden is a beautifully told story about a young woman with a giant cloud-shaped backpack, the feeling of moving on from a loved one’s death and trying to figure out how to best move forward. Bolstered by a stunning soundtrack and heart wrenching moments, it succeeds at making the audience feel what the lead character feels. It not only makes you sympathize with the character but also makes you face your own demons. Strong female characters The anime’s protagonist Violet Evergarden is an 18-year-old military pilot. In short, she’s a strong female lead that takes control of her own fate and no one else’s. She stands for justice while standing up for herself and there is no one else she’d rather trust than herself.

Violet Evergarden: The female protagonist

Violet Evergarden

Violet Evergarden’s voice actress: Kana Hanazawa in the most realistic form I’ve ever heard. Every main character. is like their own unique character, only more vivid in their own personalities. Think about it. The connection between music and the emotions, and how they interact. The characters are not standard shapes and sizes. they are like a million different pieces that can fit together to form a whole. It’s strange but Violet is a big reveal. but since it has to be teased over several episodes, it’s okay. There is plenty of room for the good things to happen to this guy. While Violet is hesitant to go through with her true wish, you are not afraid to dream big. It’s exactly what you want, and you’ll find a way.

Female characters in the anime

told their stories in a way I haven’t seen before. While some female characters felt dull and contrived, there were those that stood out and left a lasting impression on me. I enjoyed the action sequences as well, but even with that, they failed to impact me like Violet’s interpersonal conversations. The protagonist Evergarden’s character development is one of the biggest reasons why I love this show. Violet is a female soldier in the war, a dedicated solider who dedicated her life to serving others. Along with her powerful voice she was trained to follow orders, honor and serve her country. Everything changed once she was reunited with her mother and adopted sister.

Why is this relevant?

By simply explaining the plot, you will understand that Violet Evergarden has a lot of issues, both to overcome and to deal with. These problems have to be dealt with while remembering that the main character has just gone through a terrible situation. This means we get a lot of flashbacks, a lot of her emotions and her inner thoughts as she struggles to move on. While doing this, we also get to meet all of the characters, their pasts and their difficulties. In a way, Violet Evergarden functions as a modern day, slice of life rom-com anime. How does it make a difference? Because of the beautiful story and the fact that everything fits into place nicely.

Violet Evergarden


Writing an article about Violet Evergarden almost felt redundant since all I have to say about this visual novel is that it’s awesome and you should go and check it out if you’re into unique anime and JRPGs. Violet Evergarden is definitely the rare find of 2018 that feels different, refreshing and unique. For those that are expecting a typical and typical anime are probably going to be disappointed. I mean I wouldn’t call Violet Evergarden unique but unique it is. The new anime from MAPPA is definitely going to have to work overtime to catch up with the game but I really think they can do it. If you are an anime fan, chances are that you’ll want to give this one a shot.


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