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Tom and Jerry: The Best of the Best, All in One Place

Tom and Jerry: The Best of the Best, All in One Place

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Tom and Jerry is an American energized media establishment and series of satire short movies made in 1940 by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera. Most popular for its 161 dramatic short movies by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, the series fixates on the contention between the nominal characters of a feline named Tom and a mouse named Jerry.

The Most Famous Cat and Mouse Combo

One of the most famous combos of animated characters is Tom and Jerry. The life of these two mice is very different than the rest. Tom is always looking for the chance to get revenge on Jerry and bring him to an unexpected consequence. In their first movie together Tom & Jerry Comes to Dinner, Tom (played by Bill Hendricks) is very mean to Jerry (played by Daws Butler), and after a comical chase he finally kills him by attacking him with a bed. At the end of this, Tom hears Jerry’s cries of pain and realises that he should have felt sorry for killing the mouse. He decides to save Jerry in this episode by shooting him with a gun. In one of their funniest episodes the duo is seen together in Tom and Jerry’s Excellent Adventure. In this cartoon they try to steal a diamond from the Nazis.

The Origin Of Tom and Jerry

The first of the Tom and Jerry cartoons was created by animator William Hanna and his brother, the comedian, writer and producer Joseph Barbera, and made for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer in 1940. The cartoon, released under the title That’s My Boy, is not included in the Tom and Jerry “collection”. This particular cartoon was created by the team to promote and sell Tom’s new role as a member of the Warner Brothers studio. However, the famous success of the cartoon demonstrated that Hanna and Barbera could also create high quality animations. They then got more and more popular, hence the popularity of the show, a cheeky series of satirical cartoons.

tom and jerry

Tom And Jerry’s Legacy

No other media type has left as large a legacy . Their successes and failures are instantly recognizable to fans. The Adventures of Tom and Jerry A 1947 feature-length animated feature film, the entire film is presented in color. The show takes its name from this motion picture. It is similar to The Show. Animation History The Brainy Bunch The year this “educational” animated series was created is unknown. The animation dates from the mid-1950s and the producers included Ralph Wolf and other Wolf characters. The entire series is available on DVD as part of the Tiny Toons Mega Collection. Tom and Jerry Tales is a 2005 direct-to-video animated series.

The Series’ Most Popular Episodes

The 135 episodes that comprise Tom and Jerry are the most popular and best loved of the series. Here is a list of episodes with videos from YouTube. We will also include a collection of 25 of the top Tom and Jerry episodes as voted by animators and animators from its websites. All images from Tom and Jerry. Topics Films Comic Book Characters Main article: Comic book characters Many comics featuring Tom and Jerry have been produced by various publishers, with Tom often battling Jerry or both equally, as in the original comic strip, and sometimes with just one mouse. The cartoons, or at least certain characters, have been the basis for several games, like The Electric Age, and other licensed merchandise, such as stamps, buttons, or figurines.

Tom and Jerry: How the show changed with time


Jerry, known as the “meerkat,” shares a personality with his evil-genius brother, Ratty. The duo frequently use gadgets, devices, and various tricks and inventions to antagonize Tom into doing their bidding. In each season, the brothers attempt to create some sort of power-up to defeat Tom. Their constant plot to complete these projects has kept the plots fresh over the years.

The Show, the 1996 revival of the animated show, was a direct result of the show’s rebelliousness and

love for the artistic explosion of cartoons of the 1940s. Tom and Jerry’s continuous fights with each other have only

intensified with the series. A third spinoff called Tom and Jerry: The Movie released in 1996 was a more

modern take on the duo that incorporated all new characters.



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