You are currently viewing The Uncanny Counter Season 2: What We Know About It So Far

The Uncanny Counter Season 2: What We Know About It So Far

The Uncanny Counter Season 2: What We Know About It So Far

The Uncanny Counter Season 2: The narrative of The Uncanny Counter revolves around a person named So Mun, a 18 years of age cripple kid who got enrolled in a gathering of evil spirit trackers, also known as Counters. Their errand is to look and battle the shrewd spirits who got away from eternity to go after people. One of the counters named Jang got killed by a shrewd soul. The executioner even devoured his soul. Therefore, his accomplice Wi-gen started to search for new accomplices.

What is The Uncanny Counter Season 2?

The Uncanny Counter

On the contrary, the film’s storyline is believed to be very closely related to Noh Hee-kyung’s novel titled It’s Over. And the screenwriter, Kim Hwa-young, is also the novelist. This film adaptation of It’s Over isn’t expected to be published on print, but it will be presented online, which is quite different from what the original novel had in mind. The first trailer for the movie was unveiled on May 11 and it shows the rather scary events that occur when a shrewd soul doesn’t get his or her due. Watch the trailer below: In case you’re wondering about the characters, here’s what we know so far. Wi-gen will be portrayed by actors Lee Si-seok and Cha Ji-won.

Season 1 Recap

The previous seasons is about the real cause of his condition. So Mun lost his leg at the age of 5 as the result of a butcher’s cruel knife wound. To make up for his condition, his mother makes a divine potion that brought his life back to normal. He still needs his leg, but he never really uses it. The online channel uses the concept of God and man’s devil-may-care attitude. So Mun and his cohorts, like Junkie, are just doing their job, fighting ghosts. The viewers follow So Mun, Junkie, and Wi-gen’s journey on the battlefield. Although So Mun’s condition does not directly affects the viewers, it does have a deep meaning to the viewers as well. After all, the story is a chronicle of their evolution as a new threat appears. The fate of the viewers will be in So Mun’s hands.

The Uncanny Counter

What We Know About The Uncanny Counter Season 2

This will be the first collaboration by Jung Woo-sung and Kim Dae-jung in several years. The pair starred in 2013’s The Good Doctor but was replaced by Song Joong-ki and Kim Woo Bin in 2016’s Secret Forest and 2017’s The Battleship Island respectively. Both Park Shin-yang and director Lee Sang-ho, whose prior works are Gangnam Blues and Mother, My Mother, are serving as directors in The Uncanny Counter. They will also be joined by actor Kang Ha Neul, who was a part of Dae-jung’s former directorial venture After School. Moreover, The Uncanny Counter Season 2 will be launched through tvN at the same time it will air in Japan. This will be a first for any Korean TV drama to air in Japanese TV network.

The Uncanny Counter

Predictions About The Uncanny Counter Season 2

So Mun is going to appear in The Uncanny Counter Season 2 in a big way. In the previous season, it was already established that he inherited the death powers from his supposed father. Aside from the origins of his powers, the producers also teased that he could change the world in a positive way. Based on the teaser, he will be joined by 4 of his best friends. However, some fans of The Uncanny Counter think that the teaser is a way to hint that he is actually his evil twin brother. According to reports, the series is a Korean adaption of an American movie titled “The Signal.” ‘The Signal’ Teaser: Man, Woman ‘Experiencing Fear And Desire’ That Follows Them? The Mysterious Film With The Mysterious Theory However, not everyone thinks that the twin theory is true.



The upcoming episodes of The Uncanny Counter season 2 are sure to be entertaining. On the other hand, there are some spoilers that the viewers should keep in mind. The summary of the recent episode shows that the audience finally met her father, Yol Kim Chul. The villain who has been the greatest threat to the human kind for centuries is finally eliminated and the viewers got to see the face of their arch enemy. The upcoming episodes are going to further provide the clues regarding who or what this evil person is. To watch this upcoming drama, all you have to do is tune into YouTube. You can even stream the series online and do it from your desktop, laptop, smart phone or tablet. However, the biggest advantage is that it’s free and there’s no subscription involved.

The SEASON 2  Uncanny Counter


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