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The Strongest DeliveryMan: A Must-Watch Korean Drama

The Strongest DeliveryMan: A Must-Watch Korean Drama

Strongest Deliveryman (Korean: 최강 배달꾼; Hanja: 最強 配達꾼; RR: Choegang Baedalkkun) is 2017 South Korean television series starring Go Kyung-pyo, Chae Soo-bin, Kim Seon-ho and Ko Won-hee. It premiered on August 4, 2017 and aired every Friday and Saturday at 23:00 (KST) on KBS2, until September 23, 2017.

What is The Strongest DeliveryMan

The Strongest DeliveryMan

About ten years ago, the country experienced a severe economic recession. Eun-byul was forced to quit working due to her husband’s job relocation, while Wang-hyuk had an awful experience at work and became too wary of the industry.

Flash forward ten years and Wang-hyuk is now in need of a job. One day, he is at a park where he sees a woman: Eun-byul is now a successful businesswoman who works with her sister to run their family restaurant. She is also married and has a young son. His feelings for her resurface.

How did this love story begin?

A charming prosecutor named Kim Do-yeong takes interest in Eun-byul and tries to help her find a buyer for her company, and she becomes acquainted with Wang-hyuk.

Plot summary of The Strongest DeliveryMan

Six months after getting married, Kim Sun-ah (Chae Soo-bin) is already facing two big challenges; being the middle-class mother of two young children while working her butt off at a top management company and becoming more interested in the strong bikers of her husband Jung Jae-yoon (Go Kyung-pyo). One day, she starts working on delivery missions for deliveryman Jung Jae-yoon (Go Kyung-pyo). They develop a mutual attraction and Jung Jae-yoon becomes her deliveryman. Not long after, the two decide to get married. However, Jung Jae-yoon’s ex-girlfriend Soon-hwa (Kim Seon-ho) is going to make their lives difficult.

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Why should I watch it?

The Strongest DeliveryMan

First, the most important point – this drama is the first of its kind in the Korean television and that’s not a common thing to find in K-drama productions. The plot is based on the struggle of a deliveryman who has to follow his work (The strongest deliveryman). The part of drama is to watch the friendship and help between four men who live alone in an apartment. So do not watch this drama unless you want to find out the story of a workaholic who struggles with his daily life.

What’s the premise of the drama?

The drama is about a deliveryman who works in a convenience store. He always helps everyone he meets with any task, although his profession is a job that involves much violence and destruction.

What makes it different from other dramas?

It’s a completely different story about different people.

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of Korea is K-drama. One of the most popular genres in South Korea.

This particular drama is a direct adaptation of the popular webtoon K-drama K-Man.

What the story line

The series revolves around a lonely young man, Hyungsoo, who works for a delivery company to feed his addiction to video games. He becomes the strongest deliveryman. However, his idyllic life begins to crumble after his family gets involved in an accidental hostage situation.

We are dealing with some pretty serious scenarios here, so I’ll keep it short and cut to the chase.

Hyungsoo’s father used to be the strongest deliveryman. His mother died from a stroke.


KBS2 aired its final episode for Strongest Deliveryman on October 7, 2017. The series concluded its run with

12 episodes, with an average ratings of 21.1% and share of total audience for its season. Strongest Deliveryman

has been KBS2’s highest-rated drama series for the 2016–17 period. Strongest Deliveryman is well-received and

liked by fans and critics. It was nominated for 13 Baeksang Arts Awards (for Best Drama, Best New Actor, Best

Supporting Actress, Best Writer, Best Music, Best Theme Song, Best New Director, Best Cinematography,

Best Lighting, Best Makeup, Best New Drama Series, Best Drama Actor, and Best Drama Actress) but only won 3.

Strongest Deliveryman is currently streaming on Viu Asia, where it also airs in the Philippines.

The Strongest DeliveryMan


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