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The Inheritors K-Drama: A Review of the Drama

The Inheritors K-Drama: A Review of the Drama About Three Families Fighting for Wealth and Status

The Inheritors K-Drama

The Inheritors K-Drama, also known as Heirs, is a South Korean television series starring Park Shin-hye, Lee Min-ho and Kim Woo-bin. Written by Kim Eun-sook, the drama is set in a high school populated by the privileged and uber-rich. It aired on SBS from October 9 to December 12, 2013.

Section 1: What is The Inheritors K-Drama about?

The premise of The Inheritors begins as several high school students, fearing for their lives, flee their affluent gated communities and take shelter in the nearby hillside home of three siblings, Lee Hyun-joon (Lee Min-ho), Lee Yoong-jae (Park Woo-bin) and Lee Yeon-joo (Kim Woo-bin). Having no other options, they call the mysterious house “Daddy’s house.”

Section 2: What is the story line?

Though supposedly complete strangers, the siblings’ lives were intertwined with each other through their parents: the adorably caring Lee Seon-ju (played by Park Shin-hye), the neurotic Lee Yeon-joo (Kim Woo-bin), and the brutally savvy Lee Hyun-woo (Lee Min-ho). The three have been linked by a mysterious accident that separated their parents when they were very young and changed their fate.

Characters and Storyline

The Inheritors K-Drama

The drama takes place at the fictional Seo High School, where a deadly “One-Eyed Man” threatens the elite families of the school. Lee Soo-joo (Park Shin-hye), a student, is the sole survivor of a suicide attempt. She is admitted into the same high school, but her presence is in deep question as she was the sole survivor of the first year.

At Seo High, Lee Soo-joo meets the upper class Lee Min-ho (Lee Woo-bin), and the poor Kim Woo-bin (Kim Hyun-joong). They struggle against the rich snobs and compete with each other to prove their worth and seek for a chance to marry rich people’s daughter Park Jung-jae (Lee Min-ho).

The original story is written by Kim Eun-sook, who previously worked on A Place to Call Home and Summer Palace.

What was the feel of this show?

Seoul, 2012, the Kim family’s mansion is empty. Their lives have been shaken by a surprising and devastating tragedy. Seventeen-year-old Kim Sun-mi has left her family, the family’s small corporation, and hidden herself for the past four years. She’s desperate to move on from the life she once knew – desperate to forget the people and the life she used to be part of.

It’s no secret that the K-drama industry revolves around women. In recent years, the number of male K-drama stars has been drastically declining. Their absences gives space to female K-drama stars to shine – giving them more opportunities to occupy the limelight. The Inheritors, while it had its fair share of female stars, was still packed with male stars.

My thoughts on The Inheritors K-Drama

From the beginning, the opening credits of The Heirs sets the tone for the dynamic of the series. The audience sees the korean title “오늘어 그러지 않는데”, or The Inheritors and literally means a family locked in a bitter struggle for possession of riches. The theme of the drama lies in the ambitions of the four leading characters of the drama, lead by the two daughters of the acting family.

Here are my thoughts on the main characters of the drama:

Park Shin-hye (Kim Tae-hee)

Park Shin-hye’s character was a very interesting one. She did everything for the wealth and prestige of her family. She was first a housewife but then takes up a different persona to win the love of Mr. Moon.

Would I recommend The Inheritors K-Drama to other people?

The Inheritors K-Drama

Yes. I think it is a very good drama and will make you think about the society we live in and the fact that we live in a world where people often forget the simple things. The families in this drama who are called the “heirs” have known each other for ages and have formed an “empire” in this society.

However, this “empire” is soon brought down by a boy who lost his parents. After the death of his father, he is named the new heir of the family, but he does not know how to live his life in this privileged world as he can’t do anything for his family to live on.

This drama has many themes, which includes not taking care of others. Lee Min-ho’s character “Ji-dong” has no family left and will do anything to get what he wants. He is selfish and greedy, but that doesn’t make him bad.


The Inheritors is yet another amazingly constructed television drama that I have reviewed. Some of you may find that

fact depressing and disheartening. If that is the case, please reconsider because there is absolutely no need to feel

disheartened. The Inheritors had its ups and downs, and there were moments that were incredibly cringe-worthy.

However, as I have already mentioned, this drama is worth every single bit of criticism that it received. It might

be the best drama that I have ever seen. As the popularity of this

drama reached its peak, it got dragged down by the paparazzi and the petty drama that it was dragged in. The good

point about this drama is that there are no stereotypes or cliches or unsubstantial stereotypes involved in the story.

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