You are currently viewing Take My Brother Away: Chinese Drama That Will Touch Your Heart

Take My Brother Away: Chinese Drama That Will Touch Your Heart

Take My Brother Away: Chinese Drama That Will Touch Your Heart

Take My Brother Away

Take My Brother Away has a great deal of messages in regards to the hardships of managing secondary school; making companions, managing tormenting, fitting in and going through that abnormal phase of managing first sentiments. Significantly, the relationship with Shi Miao and Shi Fen supports importance all through, with their adoration disdain relationship giving a degree of love worth remaining around for. Remove My Brother dives in interesting gags, and weird scenes which at times transform into a movement to exhibit how one feels; yet among all the franticness of narrating, the series now

What is Take My Brother Away about?

Affected with a deplorable yoke of bullies that viciously attacked his elder brother, Dong Hongtao (Dong Shaoqing), Cao Xueyu (Lei Junyi) tragically chose to to throw him away. On the last day of school, his body was found in a lake. Although his grieving father had feelings for Shi Miao, who had long been a friend, Cao Xueyu turned her down in favor of a guy with the surname Li (Zheng Mingqiang). Shi Miao resisted and waited for Dong Hongtao’s dream of enrolling in a college to materialize. In addition, she attempted to track down Dong Hongtao and see his location. At length, she agreed to become his substitute but the latter remained elusive.

Why is Take My Brother Away so important to me?

Take My Brother Away

The conclusion of TMB shows how one can comprehend that, despite the odds, young people can excel in their journeys in order to become who they desire. In the show’s dire single season, Nan Xi stands out as the strongest character in addition to the saga at school; Chi Ai’s life change is contrasted by what happens in Japan – where Chi Aisa shows signs of formality and remoteness. Moving forward, its apparent that Nia, Miao Miao and Ti Lei will overcome and transition into becoming resilient, stronger individuals in accordance with the society and society’s wishes. Thus, they can soar up to an immaculate and happy existence, with a single warning to keep that first pleasant sentiment for a lifetime.

Shi Miao’s Character Development

Shi Miao is actually a person capable of putting up with just about anything; hence, she manages herself

more than capable. Consistently, she survives she is the person who has several thoughts on everything and even

within the daunting task of managing the torment of Shi Fen, she puts up an unbelievably strong exterior. Most times,

Shi Miao controls her own hatred and emotions regarding Shi Fen with the help of her manager and a gracious lady

named Ms. Bao which makes her a source of strength for Shi Fen’s tormentors. In her rough and brutal state,

Shi Miao is normally set upon by her little sister who manages to dominate her in the game of

best badminton; hence, her family’s relations were much-needed at that point of time.

Take My Brother Away

Shi Fen’s Character Development

Once you have begun watching the series, it will become conscious that the boy-meets-girl parable has made Shi Fen

fundamentally different. She is no longer some bubbly and lively girl whom everybody loves. She is now Shi Fen – and

this is that of a character who has experienced a lot. Having been in the murky waters of both love and hate for Shi Fen,

it’s necessary to know how she has come to be. While it may not be implied as a direct reason for the change, it is clear

that Shi Fen is now effectively used to herself, and the truth is, it is actually amazing to see such changes.

On the whole, it is encouraging to see how a young person who so far has lived in the shadows of loneliness

and misery, is finally being given the opportunity to shine.


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