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Sonny Boy, Story of a Child’s Dream Project

The Story of Sonny Boy, A Child’s Dream Project

Sonny Boy: This story is about A gathering of understudies on summer excursion end up shipped to another measurement and allowed superpowers to get by there. A gathering of understudies on summer excursion end up moved to another measurement and conceded superpowers to get by there

The Story


For 30 years, I used to live in a newly built, one-story, one-room Housing Complex. During that time, I had great friends in my locality and I was allowed to play with them at their locality. If I’m spending my weekends away from home, I used to keep my visitors books as I had to. In those days, I saw two books, one with some numbers and another with pictures of pre-schoolers. I was heart-broken to see how children in our area were deprived of having a lot of play activities. And even, had a chance to play with kids in another locality. I always took an interest in creating a playground where all these kids are free to play, enjoy and prosper. The Enquiry A couple of days ago, I was reminded of these books, a new and good friend of mine Kameel had brought to my place.

What is the story Sonny Boy?

Sonny Boy (Nitin Sharma), a young but intelligent boy, often finds himself doing difficult jobs for his parents. One such task is giving directions to his fellow laborers at the construction site that he is currently on, but no one likes to give him directions. So, what happens when he is trapped in a fantastical but troubling project? As the pressure builds around him and his siblings, he begins to doubt his imagination, his family, his self-worth and most importantly, his original dream of being a good drummer in a rock band. Where was the story filmed? Sonny Boy, A Child’s Dream was filmed across parts of Chandigarh and Shillong in June 2016. The shoot commenced at Sector 38, Chandigarh.

How Sonny Boy story is differ from others?

This story reflects more about how ordinary people behave in the face of emergencies. There is no devil’s advocate or wicked witch, no stories of heroic failures in making it through the trial, no anti-heroes. The story is meant to be a lot of fun, and for the most part it does. But there is no black and white situation in this story where one can conclude that this one or that is correct, right or wrong.

Why should I read Sonny Boy ?


This story is a fantastic version of a typical school production and the plot can be worked upon by students for any school presentation. It will help you create your own characters as well as make you think and question the everyday world. It is also perfect for building interest of your audience. This will also help your team member to observe the other members in your group. Language and Punctuation The short story does not have any punctuation marks such as quotation marks, periods or periods. However, to make the story look better you can insert semicolons to separate the phrases and sentences. What if I want to change or replace the words in this story? Please feel free to edit this story.

What is the value of reading this story?

Anything that is important to kids that they need to grasp with. Why read this story? Read this story. How can kids learn this story? Read this story. What can they do? Read this story.



The film contains a very good production value and its musical score is worth its weight in gold. The film is also good in its human drama and touches a raw nerve with the huge issue of suicide. The film is all the more fortunate that there are considerable nominations in the technical departments. Director Puya is already on the verge of completing a documentary based on the script of her film. Verdict “Sonny Boy” is a moving coming-of-age story for adolescents.


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