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Shinchan: Laugh And Cry With The King of Anime

Shinchan: Laugh And Cry With The King of Anime

Crayon Shinchan (Japanese: クレヨンしんちゃん, Hepburn: Kureyon Shinchan), otherwise called ShinChan, is a Japanese manga series composed and represented by Yoshito Usui. … Pastel Shin-chan first showed up in 1990 in a Japanese week after week magazine called Weekly Manga Action, which was distributed by Futabasha.


Crayon Shin-chan

Crayon Shin-Chan 

Vol.13 Chapter 3 V11 : Part 11 – You Say It Hurts? ((Hemorrhoids))Vol.13 Chapter 3 V10 : Part 10 – You Say It Hurts? ((Hemorrhoids))Author(s) : Usui Yoshito Updated : Aug-25-2018 00:17 View : 561,437

Who Is Shinchan?


Kouichi Shiba is the titular character of the series. Kouichi lives a privileged life living with his parents and his older brother, Hakunan, in Shinjuku. also, Kouichi enjoys playing games, but his life was turned upside down when his father was sentenced to eight years in prison after being caught in a drug ring. After his father’s imprisonment, Kouichi and Hakunan moved to Mr. Menaka’s place, a rather ramshackle home. Mr. Menaka cares for the boys but does not have much time to spend with them, leaving the two to fend for -themselves. What Is Shinchan Like? Like most of the other characters in the series, Shinchan is energetic and always smiling and happy. His snotty brother, Hakunan, who wears a filthy cape and goggles on his head, annoys him to no end. He’s obsessed with the game Checkers.

Laughing With The King of Anime (Shinchan)

Every single day, Japan is capable of producing so many things that make us laugh at their creativity and skill. Sometimes, these things are well-known and celebrated within the culture and made to become an integral part of the nation’s history. In other cases, these pieces of Japanese art and culture become as timeless as their origins, even contributing to the country’s obsession with anime and manga. Recently, one of these long-standing and well-beloved anime are Crayon Shinchan. Even if it was “won” by creator and illustrator Yoshito Usui when it was first published, it would still stand as one of the most iconic and loved series in the country’s history. Why? Because it wasn’t afraid to openly enjoy the funniest and most immature moments in Japanese culture, every single day.

Crying With The King of Anime


The amazing trend of uploading hilarious videos of Crayon Shinchan crying on social media has become a huge phenomenon. This is usually shown on Super Junior member Krystal’s music videos on Weibo, and even online games like Dragon Warrior which apparently can run forever without going offline. Joker Grandpa Jack Nothing makes you feel good like laughing at a sick old guy.

Memes That Remind Us How To Live

After Crayon Shinchan grew to a huge anime series and started airing in Japan, it was published in Europe,

Australia and America. So, where else could you find jokes on Crayon Shinchan than on the internet?

Like the ‘c’ word is not appropriate in Canada, I think people would find it a bit rude to make fun of people

with huge heads. Keep Calm And Shinchan On The ‘Keep Calm and Shinchan On’ meme is a play on

the ‘Keep Calm And Carry On’ mnemonic and an internet thingy aimed at reminding you to carry on with

your day with or without the Shinchan mascot. The best thing about it is that there is nothing to decipher

the point of which person is being compared to the Shinchan character and to ensure that you get it,

you will have to read it three or four times. Happy Shopping Days?



Yoshito Usui started creating Shinchan in 1990, and it’s been entertaining the world since then. While I think there is

nothing better than real-life snacking videos, if you still want to watch funny anime and other comedy

videos, there’s a ton of them on YouTube. All of them will make you smile.


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