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“See You In Time” – A Review of a Beautiful Chinese Drama

Why I Love “See You In Time” – A Review of a Beautiful, Romantic Chinese Drama

See You In Time: Oddities in the Earth’s climate cause abnormalities in media communications that influence limited’s future. Feng Ying is a universally prestigious cyclist and a star in the game world. However, when he chooses to get back to Taiwan to assist with remaking his granddad’s cycling crew, bizarre things start to occur. To begin with, Ying meets Ji Zi Qi, the cycling crew’s aide, and the two quarrel into a sudden heartfelt connection. Then, at that point, Ying starts to get strange messages on his mobile phone of an affection disdain relationship that traverses 15 years.

What is the drama like?

See You In Time

Most fans loved the dynamic between Ying and Ji Zi. They had such an adorable interaction in the first and second episodes that it drew you in and had you rooting for them. But, the rest of the drama didn’t have that same genuine charm. Ji Zi, played by Megan Lai, was a great performer but the rest of the cast didn’t do enough to distinguish them. So, when Ji Zi and Ying were shown together the drama could have been avoided and the two protagonists should have worked on their own. Similarly, the presence of Choi Si Pang in the drama was misused. His presence would have been more than welcome if his character hadn’t been used purely to tease other characters. What can you do better?

The story and its protagonist

When we initially meet Ying, he’s going through a messy divorce and trying to move on from his pain with his adored friend. But while riding his bike, a rash of abstract glitches occur in his bike and the presence of Ji Zi Qi quickly follows. Ying quickly deduces that the person writing to him is the same girl who stalked him when he was younger, 15 years ago. In a move that is often misconstrued as impulsive, Ying invites Ji Zi Qi to come to Australia to work on the bikes for the year. A year, Ying hopes, will allow them to figure things out, since they still have their 15 years of history together. In that short period of time, we witness a complicated relationship blossoming.

Why See You In Time drama is special

Unlike a lot of Chinese television series that are escapist and sensational, the new season of I Am Not Madame Bovary casts a lot of doubt on Chinese relationships. People tend to end up blaming past traumas for past injustices, like friends blaming each other’s past partners for giving each other relationship stress or a minor family dispute creating a major family issue. The road to a stable life is plagued with obstacles and it’s sometimes in the moment when one is injured that a major factor that leads to recovery is properly assessed. A love triangle within the series has often enough led to the possibility of a major misunderstanding that could lead to disastrous consequences.

Why I love See You In Time drama

See You In Time

I loved it the very first time I watched. It has a slight morbid, mysterious undertones and a subtle fun after the romance struck. I hope for it to become a long series. 5. GHOST HUNTER / GHOST SCOUTS / GHOST SPIES Why I Love “Ghost Hunters” / “Ghost Scouts” a. First, I think the combination of the Korean idea of summer camp and American outdoor ghosts (ghosts are not part of Asian culture) create this comedy right in front of us. I have never thought of summer camp in the same way as a place where children do everything together and talk about something nonstop without getting bored, but then, when I saw the plot of this drama, I realized how I’d actually been looking for such a place.

Recommendations for new viewers

On the title card, Ying explains that “despite being born in the same period, time cannot hold the two of us.” Ying was born in 1991 and Zi Zi Qi was born in 1981, however, they do appear to have known each other back then and the latter is also a cyclist. While the exact nature of their relationship is revealed in time, Ji Zi Qi chooses to travel to America for further studies, and he just happens to find Ying as a man in desperate need of assistance. This meeting not only breaks up Ying and his old cycling club mates, it brings him closer to Zi Zi Qi and the two slowly fall in love. “See You in Time” has an optimistic tone of fairytales, but is not without some really dark things. The serial’s flow is pretty fantastic with a steady pace.

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