You are currently viewing Radio Romance K-Drama That Empowered Korean Women

Radio Romance K-Drama That Empowered Korean Women

Radio Romance K-Drama That Captivated And Empowered Korean Women

Radio Romance K-Drama

Radio Romance K-Drama: Soo Ho is a top class entertainer with a sparkling vocation. He appeared as a kid entertainer, and at an exceptionally youthful age, he understood that to succeed, he should conceal his actual self behind a veil. He grins before the cameras, yet when alone at home, he’s constantly discouraged and gets bad dreams. Geu Rim is a youthful, energetic colleague author for a public broadcast. She is a lady with drive and drive. Positive attitude and persistence are her strength. At some point, she

persuades requested to be the principle essayist for a public broadcast, yet there is one condition. She should give Soo Ho a role as the DJ for the show. In spite of the fact that she had an inclination from the beginning that it wouldn’t be a simple assignment, it ends up being very troublesome. For Geu Rim whose fantasy since adolescence was composing for her own public broadcast, she should catch this chance. Their story starts by Geu Rim meeting the top big name, Soo Ho.

Section 1: Radio Romance K-Drama That Captivated And Empowered Korean Women

Without Precedent [Article 1/2]

The leader in the new K-drama known as Radio Romance, the team of ‘Show by the Mun’ is an introduction to his business. He’s “Mun” which means “Go Away.”

The link between music and radio broadcasting was long complicated. It was a virtual battlefield. Each were playing a crucial role. “Goblin” was a great success among urban audience for his smart musicality and cool personality. Meanwhile, Radio Romance showcased ‘Go Away,’ the most successful voice between radio broadcasting. The skills of the actor Song Seung Heon drew more attention for this drama than any of the K-dramas of recent memory. Nonetheless, the leading man only appeared in one episode. The actress’ star vitality had to be enthralled by another. So, it has to be the two handsome guys.

The story of Soo Ho in Radio Romance K-Drama

Radio Romance K-Drama

In the story, Soo Ho grew up as a guy with a total inability to express himself. He can’t figure out if he is attracted to women, so he kept staring at his reflection in the mirror while not finding a proper way to complete what he needs to express. He finally realized his existence when he discovered the power of music in his adolescence.

To improve his knowledge of music, he came to Korea to pursue music education at Seoul National University. He started to work at a variety show program in his third year of college. On the other hand, Geu Rim attended university to study English, and she started to work as a reporter at a local broadcast station.

Music and the power of the eyes

When Soo Ho became a radio DJ at the university station, he joined the program called Lovesounds.

The story of Geu Rim

Geu Rim grew up in a poor family in a small village. She had a talent for singing, and her town’s underground radio station was located nearby her house. Soeum Dong was a cheerful and kindhearted genius in the radio station. Soeum Dong loved girls more than anything in the world, and she would always save one who was to be discharged. She passed the talent development examination as an “external candidate” with “exceptional ability,” and then she tried to enter Soo Ho’s show. She heard that she couldn’t write for Soo Ho’s program, and Soo Ho got to know about that through his manager. He’s an intellectual, but he is not going to be generous, and he rejected the idea.


Radio Romance K-Drama

The main theme of Radio Romance was the metaphoric bond between radio as a symbol of a voice of the masses, and the fact that the common man has been conned and deceived by the elites. These elements are consistently staged throughout the drama. The only mistake made by the producers was that they forgot that at the end of the day, the viewers will get stuck to see if these two people would become an item or not. Of course, I’m referring to the bromance of these young actors.

The story of Radio Romance is a turning point in K-dramas. It also marks the origin of bromances which have since become an integral part of the Korean drama genre. I believe that this scene of the bromance between two actors is one of the most memorable and notable scenes of any Korean drama.

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