You are currently viewing PRISON SCHOOL: Why It’s One of the Best Anime of 2015

PRISON SCHOOL: Why It’s One of the Best Anime of 2015

PRISON SCHOOL: Why It’s One of the Best Anime of 2015


The transformation of their lives in the series into prison life culminates in an intense drama of jailbreak, romance and violent beauty. The plot of the manga focuses on the comical attempts of the five boys to find a love interest and integrate within the school.(PRISON SCHOOL)


Kangoku Gakuen 

Chapter 277.5 : End Of PlayChapter 277 : We Don’t Have A Tomorrow [End]Author(s)

The Story

As you might imagine, a life in jail isn’t easy, so the first thing the boys have to do is adjust to life behind bars. They need to do this by becoming the best in everything they do, from arts and sports to studying and working. When that isn’t enough, they also have to deal with having to wear the same yellow uniforms as the other prisoners and those horrible barbed wire showers. One of the biggest changes they have to make is in their relationship with their parents. They can’t do anything to help them, since they’re in prison, but they can try to get a letter to them every few weeks. Of course, they have to look the part of successful criminals too, so that means getting their hair cut short.(PRISON SCHOOL)


The Characters

Sakazuki Nakajima as Ikumi Ikumi is the girl who is lovestruck of Ryoma. Her love to him comes out from her mother. The Protagonist -Ryoma Ryoma is a boy who does not want to fight. He has been friend to Ikumi since they were both in kindergarten. However, he loses his appetite and becomes forgetful. Himekami Ikumi as Yurika Yurika is a girl who does not show her feelings to Ryoma. She starts to have feelings for Himekami Ikumi when she becomes friends with her. Fuhito Takeshi as Yayoi Yayoi is a girl who is courted by Ryoma. She cares for his sister, Yurika. Tomokazu Seki as Kokichi Kokichi is a local who is bullied by the thugs at school. He first fights with Ryoma and gets the nickname, “stupid boy.” Masato Sakai as Kiyoshi Kiyoshi is an arrogant boy who joins Ryoma’s team.(PRISON SCHOOL)

Why You’ll Love It (PRISON SCHOOL)

The manga and anime provides a hilarious peek into the prison life of Japanese boys. A contrast between their violent dweeby and colorful personalities and their desperate attempt to find love – it’s just a unique combination. The story uses English language in a meaningful manner. The characters’ text is all written in English without subtitles to avoid any language barrier. How to Watch it At present, the series is airing on Crunchyroll every Sunday at 11:30 PM. Subsequently, each episode is available on Netflix and Hulu every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 7 AM PDT. You can also catch the episodes on Tokyo MX, AT-X, KBS, Sun TV and BS11. All the series’ episodes are also available for streaming on Crunchyroll’s official website.(PRISON SCHOOL)

Who Should Watch This (PRISON SCHOOL)

“Sengoku Night Blood” can appeal to anyone who appreciates a melodramatic anime (composed of beautiful girls,

history and a manga storyline) which features a large cast of characters with personalities that make you feel for

them. In the anime’s case, your knowledge of medieval Japanese history is not required in order to be able to

understand the stories and relationships. This manga series features a large cast of characters with personality’s

that make you feel for them. In the anime’s case, your knowledge of medieval Japanese history is not required in

order to be able to understand the stories and relationships. If you’ve watched the anime series and enjoyed

its series of courting and romantic comical moments, then “Sengoku Night Blood” is likely one of your next anime favorites.



“I made this series because I love anime and wanted to give something back, that’s why I’m open about my past.

I see anime as an art form that takes advantage of strong storytelling and appealing characters, it’s a genre

that I greatly respect.” – Kurokami Akira “Kurokami is a good example of how good it can get with the

[full] planning process and I really enjoyed this project! (PRISON SCHOOL)


What is the narrative of ( PRISON SCHOOL) ?

Plot. Hachimitsu Academy, perhaps the strictest young lady institutes in Tokyo, has chosen to concede young men into their framework. … Their catch and “capture” by the Underground Student Council causes the five young men to get a final offer: either stay a month in the school’s Prison Block or be ousted.

Is prison school evaluated?

Run-time is around 5 hours. Evaluated TV-MA because of language, brutality, and solid sexual substance.

Is prison school a secondary school?

Anime. Hachimitsu Academy (私立八光学園 Shiritsu Hachimitsu Gakuen) is a private young ladies foundation and anecdotal notable severe young ladies secondary school that capacities as the fundamental setting of Prison School.

Is ecchi a prison school?

Akira Hiramoto’s Prison School is an ecchi-satire anime that analyzes a gathering of male understudies who took on an all-female live-in school because of strategy changes. … With its ignoble, grown-up like humor, there’s no question that Prison School is a vital series.

Is Prison School on Netflix?

Apologies, Prison School: Season 1 isn’t accessible on American Netflix, yet you can open it right now in the USA and begin watching! With a couple of basic advances you can change your Netflix district to a nation like France and begin watching French Netflix, which incorporates Prison School: Season 1.

Does Hana like Kiyoshi?

Hana has a dread of mushrooms because of recalling the clinic visit. She has a gentle fixation on Kiyoshi, which later forms into a pulverize after they kiss.


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