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One Punch Man: The Must-Watch Anime of the Year

One Punch Man: The Must-Watch Anime of the Year


One-Punch Man (Japanese: ワンパンマン, Hepburn: Wanpanman) is a Japanese hero establishment made by the craftsman ONE. It recounts the account of Saitama, a superhuman who can overcome any adversary with a solitary punch yet tries to track down a commendable rival subsequent to becoming exhausted by an absence of challenge because of his staggering strength.



Chapter 133: Glorious BeingChapter 132: Something Huge

One Punch Man: The perfect hero for today

Ever since Saitama was discovered as a rather mediocre hero, he tries to find the explanation for why he is inadequate and eventually fights the greatest warrior of his time, the mysterious strongman named Boruto Uzumaki. The truth behind the power of the hero was much more profound than expected. The tale revealed that Saitama is someone who believes he is capable of achieving anything if he truly tries. As soon as he finished learning the secret, he wanted to show it to everyone and thus started a very reckless journey towards becoming the greatest hero. He wanted to experience new things and learn things but is hindered by a dull routine that keeps him limited.

What makes One-Punch Man so good?


Not only does Saitama possess the most powerful fist in the world, but his costuming is just as intriguing. Many styles are shown, from “Combat Cape” to “Blue Beauty,” and each stands out in their own way. This is a character that stands out for its own character and its own looks, yet his powers are just as interesting. This week I watched the complete One Punch Man series for the first time. The hero is an incredibly intriguing concept: with superhuman speed, strength, and endurance, a lonely hero fumbles his way through the streets of Japan as he fights crime. Everything about this anime is fun, exciting, and well-made, all while the animation remains vibrant and fully featured. It’s certainly a long story, but One-Punch Man is well worth the run-time.

Why should you watch it?

One Punch Man takes place in a modern world divided into high-tech and underground subcultures.

The hero and his numerous enemies take shape in their own entertaining subcultures, as the

former trying to overcome the latter. Fans of quick-paced action and emotionally raw treatment

will surely enjoy One Punch Man, which functions like an intriguing combination of East and West.


Who is Saitama?

According to a Japanese journalist, “Saitama is an ordinary guy, but a guy who loves to fight”, he does not believe that

his personality and outlook is extraordinary. In the world of One Punch Man, anyone who can access the World of Heroes and One

Punch Man is a Hero. The term Hero was taken from the renowned samurai hero, Ueno Yakusho, who is revered

as the first man to ever become a hero. Saitama, on the other hand, has no involvement in

the World of Heroes, but has also been to the World of Destruction but

was defeated and has since given up fighting. However, Saitama is inspired to become

a hero from a late night encounter with a fearsome, muscular man that crushes his single punch.


It is always fun to have choices to select from for an animation website as there are always many amazing options out there. However, that being said, I thought it would be interesting to feature only one series as an honorable mention. The team at Crunchyroll has done an amazing job covering anime in a good way on their website. There have been a ton of great series this year, but

unfortunately, I have to narrow down to three that stand out above the rest to be the must-watch anime series of 2016.



Is Saitama more grounded than Goku?

Saitama isn’t more grounded than Goku, nor is he the most grounded character in fiction | Fandom. He isn’t, saying something else is misrepresenting his force. Saitama being a joke character has no importance an option for him. … Saitama isn’t strong, he took harm from Boros, who is planet-star level.

Is there any season 3 of one punch man?

This is all in spite of how unmistakable and effective the establishment has been somewhat recently. The absence of a third season for One-Punch Man or even any report about it is disturbing, particularly as the years since Season 2’s end increment.

Would anyone be able to beat Saitama?

Nothing and nobody can overcome Saitama, except if somebody discovers a proviso. … For the individuals who haven’t watched this anime, it’s with regards to a man named Saitama whose one punch can overcome anyone who comes in his manner. He’s a superhuman for no particular reason since there is no appeal in battling individuals he realizes he can overcome without any problem.

Is Saitama a God?

Saitama is neither a God nor a Monster. He is just a human who has gotten through his limiters and acquired superhuman force

Is Saitama discouraged?

Indeed, Saitama has melancholy. He is disturbed that he is simply excessively solid for his rivals and he can’t partake in a

battle since it closes excessively fast.


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