You are currently viewing Noddy in the Big City: A Review of Noddy in Toyland

Noddy in the Big City: A Review of Noddy in Toyland

Noddy in the Big City: A Review of Noddy in Toyland

Noddy, otherwise called Noddy in Toyland, and The Noddy Shop informally is a Canadian-British youngsters’ TV series dependent on Enid Blyton’s kids’ book series of a similar name highlighting the vivified scenes from Noddy’s Toyland Adventures that circulated from September 7, 1998, to February 16, 2000, on TVOntario …


The Plot of the Show

On September 7, 1998, the first Noddy-related kids’ show was introduced by TVOntario (the public broadcaster of Ontario, Canada) as a three-part Christmas Special. Based on the 1960s children’s story collection, The Famous Five books, (that writer brought out for the first time as a book), the series features 4 children who enjoy their time playing with their toy friends in Noddy’s Toyland. Now an animated series, after it was greenlit by TVO. [Related: Top Children’s Novels to Read Right Now] The story takes place in a fictional kingdom of Noddy’s remote toys, with help from an “Ancient Artillery Piece” (a reference to the Theodore Geisel’s character Horton Hatches an Egg) and his dog, Trotter, and a friendly if not always wise local toy seller, Mr. Bulkley.

What I Liked About the Show NODDY

1. The absolutely fantastic design of this show was quite pretty and full of care, creating the visual impression of being really real.

2. The voice actors are uniformly excellent, having each person depict their character perfectly and in a unique voice for the role.

3. It offers a quality twist on the old El Sombrero fake Spanish accent stereotype. (Not that I’m against the accent. I don’t like it when other people have an accent, I like when people have accents that sound like they do in the country that’s their native land.

The Canadian government’s official English-Canadian accent has never been too strong, but in this it actually has somewhat of an accent!)


What I Didn’t Like About the Show

Without a doubt, this was the most complete aspect of the show. In addition to showcasing the Nickelodeon style of

animated toys, the show proved able to bring to it the best renditions of famous folk, singers and music classics. In

the Noddy-related shows, it was unquestionably possible to recognize each and every tune from the book by Enid

Blyton. Noddy became more than just a buddy of the fictional dwarf after the first episode of the series, however,

by that time the feeling was already earned among kids.

My Overall Opinion Of The Show NODDY


The show is a cartoon series to be precise about a man named “Noddy” played by Nick Wilby. He is a bumbling, clumsy,

and wayward man which tries to better himself through books, whistling, and having good friends. To the kids who

love his childhood book adventures, Noddy seems like their hero. He is always a catchphrase and since I’m not a child

anymore, I cannot say that the show had the best art. (I just thought that the art is not as impressive as Looney Tunes or

the two Looney Tunes and Scooby Doo cartoons that are popular on YouTube.) The animations seem stiff and busy

and the animation is inconsistent in the early episodes. The character designs are also limited and immature to

draw. Noddy doesn’t wear his hoodie in early episodes and doesn’t wear any buttons for clothing.


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