You are currently viewing My Hero Academia: A Manga and Anime for Kids and Adults

My Hero Academia: A Manga and Anime for Kids and Adults

My Hero Academia: A Manga and Anime for Kids and Adults

My Hero Academia is a Japanese superhuman manga series composed and outlined by Kōhei Horikoshi. The story follows Izuku Midoriya, a kid brought into the world without superpowers in this present reality where they have become typical, yet who actually fantasies about turning into a superhuman himself


Boku no Hero Academia

Boku No Hero ademia 

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My Hero Academia Team Up Mission 

Chapter 3: Mission 3: Two SupportersChapter 2: Mission 2: Infiltration! The Fastest Hero

What is My Hero Academia?

My Hero Academia is an ongoing Japanese manga series that has been translated into English and released in North America by Viz Media. It is an adaptation of the original manga series that has been adapted from one of Japan’s most popular manga series, All-New Hero Spirits, by Kōhei Horikoshi. My Hero Academia is currently adapted into an anime series produced by Bones studio, directed by Kohei Horikoshi and produced by Bones studio, and aired in Japan on Fuji TV in July 2016. The show has become immensely popular with fans across the globe, and was dubbed into English in December 2016 and released in North America by Viz Media in January 2017.

The Plot of the Manga and Anime

It is a modern age, where a significant amount of super powers, as well as the popularity of superheroes has become a regular occurrence in many aspects of society. At the same time, one type of young man named Izuku Midoriya has not been allowed the same chance as everyone else. While everyone around him can become and wield power, Izuku was born without a natural ability in any of the three aforementioned, and has to hide the fact of his hidden potential. Therefore, he has attended the U.A. High School, a specialized school for people with special abilities. However, he feels something missing from his life, and strives for something greater in life. Through this theme, My Hero Academia‘s writers create a narrative that teaches a fundamental lesson about growing up.

Why You Should Watch My Hero Academia

An easy character to describe is a hero for the people. My Hero Academia is a comic book that is written from the perspective of a young boy that has a dream to become a superhero. The manga itself is a series of short-shorts that focus on Izuku’s superhero training. Though I will say, there is much to like about the anime more than the manga. If I were to recommend one series, it would be the one with anime that comes first, rather than the manga first. Two extremely entertaining hero’s from out of the world or another that are typically extremely mature, My Hero Academia has plenty of humor and originality. My Hero Academia begins as if you are watching a new series in the original language. The anime began as a manga, before moving to TV.


Why You Should Read My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia has amassed a lot of attention, even being turned into an anime television series in 2016.

With such a lot of hype behind it, many parents might be thinking twice about letting their kids read it. However,

the stories within My Hero Academia are not only inspirational and educational, but also very fun to read.

It follows the journey of aspiring high school student Izuku Midoriya, who has been living

with his father since his mother passed away when he was a baby. When he goes to a hidden high

school in Japan called U.A. High, he decides that he wants to become a hero there and be the hero for the entire nation.


My Hero Academia is an excellent anime and manga for kids and adults alike. While the story may be aimed

at younger children, the story still manages to capture and captivate even the most seasoned manga fan.

My Hero Academia brings to life many of the virtues that manga and anime as a whole is well known

for: epicness, action, and adventure. What makes my hero academia so special is that it transcends the boundaries

of genre. The word “superhero” may be overused, but in this instance it truly fits. As the story moves forward,

the manga draws us deeper into the world of superhero stories, while the anime pulls us into the world of

superhero animation. it is sure to keep you entertained and keeps you interested from beginning to end.


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