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My Favorite Anime: Why I Love InuYasha 😎😍💻

My Favorite Anime: Why I Love Inuyasha

InuYasha is the account of a canine half-devil who is continually after a gem of gigantic force, the Shikon gem, additionally no as the Shikon no tama. He lives in the timberland close to the town where the gem is ensured by a priestess named Kikyo.





Inuyasha Intro

My favorite anime by far is inuyasha. He is a half demon dog who can shapeshift and use his tail like a sword and even turn into an animal like a wolf. He is a determined and strong character, one of my favorites in the series. The Legend of Lono The Legend of Lono is an epic tale of volcanoes, earthquakes, and war in Hawaii. The main story follows Kamehameha, who has no love for any war, and his daughter Kamala. Kamehameha Returns My favorite comic series of all time is The Legend of Lono. It starts with Kamehameha returning from war in Hawaii and is followed by the battle against Kamala. The Tale of Lord Toranaga Lord Toranaga is a historical novel about a family’s travels to Japan with their rich uncle. The books follow his dealings with the samurai and government.


Why I Love Inuyasha

Inuyasha’s greatest foe is the dog demon, Shippo, and his sidekick Kurama. Shippo wants the jewel for his selfish desires, and eventually he manages to steal it. Inuyasha, who is not as smart as he thinks he is, chases after Shippo, and takes the jewel from him. However, Shippo then transforms into a spider and starts to kill Inuyasha. In order to defend himself, Inuyasha is forced to transform into a wolf, a monk, and an animal spirit form. Inuyasha is such an enjoyable and entertaining series, that it’s difficult to pick my favorite character. There’s something about Inuyasha that makes him so likable, and it’s that very likability that makes me love this series. His demonic nature is a fun and admirable aspect of him that the show finds a lot of joy in exploring.

Inuyasha has lots of great moments, but my favorite is this one. “Ashita na, Inuyasha” P.S.



While there are hundreds of anime that I’ve watched over the years, the majority of the shows I’ve watched I could never name on one page, and each and every time I was constantly reminded of my inferiority and weaknesses as an anime fan and I simply gave up trying to learn the names. In that sense, Inuyasha was kind of a show that became my project, a project that would teach me about the kind of things that were true about anime to the point that I could look back and see myself in every frame of it, and that’s why I love it so much. To me it’s the purest, most perfect, and most pure form of anime, one that is without flaws, and even if it was never revived, I will keep searching for that perfect pure form of anime until it’s my time to die.


What number of seasons Inuyasha anime have? 

There are eight position times of Inuyasha. The series at first started circling on Oct. 16, 2000, and the keep going scene appeared on March 29, 2010. The underlying six seasons are a piece of the ordinary Inuyasha series, which appeared in the U.S. in 2002. 

Is the Inuyasha anime complete? 

The essential change was followed through on Yomiuri TV in Japan, crossing 167 scenes, and completed on September 13, 2004. Regardless, in any case the primary story not completing, the anime quit coursing for quite a while. There was a truly legitimate defense for why the principle season completed the way in which it did 

Is Inuyasha anime worth watching? 

For sure, InuYasha is a flat out need watch, and is in like manner saw as a champion among other anime of the century.

However, since the anime was made a long time past, the action quality isn’t actually like the current standard,

so that may be a disadvantage( I watch anime in any case the quality is) 


Did Inuyasha anime get Cancelled? 

It is a long-running manga and anime series by Rumiko Takahashi and the reason of this wiki. While this series covered

by far most of the first manga, it was subsequently dropped to help the manga stretch on past. 

Does Netflix have all of Inuyasha? 

Netflix started 2018 with a critical assertion that they were broadening their anime library by approving, or making more anime series for the electronic element than any time in late memory. … Naruto, InuYasha and Bleach will all be available until 9/1/18.

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