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Metroid Dread: The Game Nintendo Killed Before It Was Released

Metroid Dread: The Game Nintendo Killed Before It Was Released

Metroid Dread:

Metroid Dread is an upcoming action-adventure game developed by MercurySteam and Nintendo EPD for the Nintendo Switch. Set after the events of Metroid Fusion, players control bounty hunter Samus Aran as she faces a nefarious robotic enemy on the planet ZDR.




Metroid Dread

Available on the Nintendo Switch, the game can be played from a first-person perspective or as a third-person shooter style. In an interview with GameRevolution, Nintendo EPD producer Ryan Davis shared why he thinks Metroid Dread made it into the game, even with a Nintendo made game. “For us, we’ve always seen that there are many Metroid fans out there that have been around for awhile, that have been really into the lore, really interested in what happens in the future. We wanted to do something a little more traditional with what is the classic tale. But, at the same time, we knew the players that wanted to go into that space where it was new and different, and something we’ve never done before, were probably the biggest fan base.

Nintendo Killed the Game Before it was Released

The MercurySteam-developed Metroid Dread was killed before it was even released. Developed by Fatshark, the game was intended for a 2018 release in Europe, and later for Japan and other territories in 2019. But in a shocking twist of fate, Nintendo decided to cancel the project and market the title for the Switch eShop instead. According to MercurySteam’s Michael Dauber, “A few days before the 2018 E3 Conference, Nintendo surprised everyone by changing the development of Metroid Dread from an actual game to an experience to be released via the Nintendo eShop.

The Story of Metroid Dread

Metroid Dread follows on from the events of Metroid Fusion. The spaceship Vanduul Scythe is docked in the Space

Pirate base called Space Pirate Observatory (SPO) Alpha for repairs after it was used to battle Metroid Prime’s minions,

the Master and Mother Metroid. However, Space Pirate scientists have some bad news: the Scythe’s retro-rocket was

slightly damaged in the battle, and it would take weeks for the repair. The high ranking Space Pirate scientist contacted

Samus on the communication satellite Phazon Star, only to find that she and the Varia Suit were gone. He then activated

the Varia Suit. The Galactic Federation soon noticed the galactic redirection of Phazon around

the Galactic Alliance, and started investigating. Dr.

What Happened to the Game?

Metroid Dread was initially in development at MercurySteam, but was canceled on August 18th, 2014. The reason behind the game’s cancelation has never been revealed, but the cancellation was supposedly confirmed by Nintendo. Apparently, the game’s developers left MercurySteam over “creative differences.” MercurySteam’s version of the game was completed, however.

According to the MercurySteam website, the game was supposed to be “Metroidvania-styled” and is a “new, original

adventure for the Nintendo Switch.” In the original report by Eurogamer, MercurySteam had said that the

game’s “downgraded graphics are just a small part of what sets this game apart.

Metroid Dread:


As the Nintendo Switch continues to develop, we can only expect that the series will get bigger. Between bi

g titles such as Metroid: Samus Returns, Metroid Prime 4, and even the recently announced Yoshi’s Woolly World,

it looks like the year 2017 is sure to be a great one for the series.


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