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Meteor Garden: A Review of the Chinese Drama

Meteor Garden: A Review of the Chinese Drama

Meteor Garden: The story centers around an ordinary girl, Dong Shancai (Shen Yue), who is accepted into the most prestigious university in the country, Ming De University. … Gradually, Daoming Si falls deeply in love with Shancai, only to realize that she is in love with one of his best friends, Huaze Lei (Darren Chen).

Meteor Garden

Meteor Garden: Who is the show about?

Meteor Garden is not an educational drama like Ten Years Younger. It has nothing to do with the “compatibility” between student/teacher or university students and staff. It’s actually quite hard to separate the storyline from the company, having little relationship with the original concept and storylines. The plot plays out much like every other Chinese drama with the dominant male lead, the feisty female lead, the handsome bad boy, and the smooth, confident female lead. It’s quite interesting and refreshing to see that the female lead is presented as smart and powerful (not just nice or nice looking). So is it good? At times, I actually found myself wanting the plot to be more “interesting.” It is obvious that it is trying to emulate other Korean dramas that portray relationship drama.

Meteor Garden: When the story takes place

In the second season, we experience the ups and downs of love, ambition and struggle as we follow the story of Dong Shancai and Huaze Lei as they try to navigate through life, love and the expectations of their families. The central conflict is their family legacy of “flower and birds” that govern the relationships of male and female. . . Much like The Moon Embracing the Sun, the first half of Meteor Garden alternates between traditional Chinese fashion and more Western fashions and fashions. Each of the main characters — Shancai, Daoming Si and Huaze Lei — change outfits often as a way to showcase how their looks change through the series. The relationship between Shancai and Daoming Si . .

Meteor Garden

What about the plot?

Everything in Meteor Garden is centered around the love story of Huaze and Shancai. There’s just something about love stories in the epic way that Liu had presented it that makes it so much more romantic. Of course, there are other moments in the series that are just plain funny. For example, when Shancai helps her father run his restaurant. While one of my favorite parts of the entire series is the romantic plotline, there is another part that stood out to me that I’ve never seen in another show. That is the amazing attention to detail in the background of the characters’ environment. Liu really paints a detailed background on the characters’ cities and backdrops. In fact, I can’t recall a single part of the series where I didn’t know where that city was from and what it was like.

Why should you watch Meteor Garden?

Without a doubt, Meteor Garden has one of the best soundtracks of all time. (OK, OK, so other shows have that too, but I seriously mean this one.) Every song is sung by one of the most popular pop singers of the 2000s. Meteor Garden’s first episode is everything you could possibly want from a drama. The animation style is absolutely gorgeous. Meteor Garden has the most beautiful backgrounds I have seen in a long time. It’s like going to the movies. The characters are well-developed and their relationship feels realistic, even in the early episodes. The actresses’ performance is excellent, as well. The chemistry between Shancai and Darren Chen’s Huaze is obvious. Huaze’s role changes from “sweet, submissive girl” to “mature and independent woman” throughout the series.


The talented Shen Yue took a leap of faith with her audition as Shancai and only a few hours before filming began in 2008, she took on the responsibility of singing all her own lines and lyrics. When the local TV station discovered she had talent, they launched a reality-type show in a bid to find her a recording contract. Even though she was ultimately unsuccessful in breaking into the entertainment business, the exposure made her an overnight internet sensation. Ironically, the same TV station that had helped launch her career was also responsible for killing her career by airing the unedited version of the reality show on their channels. They placed her song on rotation on the airwaves and never disclosed that it was a cover.

The Story

. Shan Shan has a very affluent background. Her father, Dong Shancai, is a famous doctor and is very generous with his wife and their three daughters, Dong Cai, Dong Jie, and Shan Shan. Shan Shan Shan grew up very privileged, having the same education as her mother, who is the dean of the school, and so was very careful and studious to avoid attracting the wrong kind of attention to herself. Her life changed when she and her family lost their home during a flood in 2006. Shancai became the primary caretaker for their family, and decided to become a doctor to provide for them after taking a leave of absence. A few years later, Shancai discovers that Dong Cai has been giving his house to loan sharks for protection money.

Short Term Long Term The New Hope For the Chinese Drama After years of mediocrity, some action packed and highly entertaining television dramas seem to be finally making their way onto our TV screens, such as long-running hit, Wuxia, One Night in Beijing, House of Flying Daggers and The Princess Zhao Age. Recently, many new programs have recently been released. These shows stand out as having amazing story lines, amazing casts, and great direction. With the economy at its lowest, the demand for cheap entertainment is at an all time high and is being fulfilled by foreign producers from Hollywood and Europe.


What Makes Meteor Garden Unique?

Meteor Garden is very different from your standard Chinese drama (as it is the first and only Chinese series that you can find on Netflix). For one, it takes place in an international city, New York. And for two, it involves the unlikely love story between an American and Chinese man, which is also very uncommon in the medium. All these factors help create a unique viewing experience, and lead to the creation of a unique cultural identity within the narrative. . The main cast of Meteor Garden.

The Cast

The characters of the show is as the synopsis describes, very realistic. The story revolves around Dong Shancai, a

very ordinary girl and her romantic journey with 4 different men in the form of Huaze Lei, Daoming Si, Huodong

Bei and Tai Long Xian. Almost the whole cast are very good at acting in a realistic way. The usual Hong Kong

stereotypes from the usual craziness, attitude, and zaniness of Hong Kong cinema is not present in the show,

even though it’s set in China. About the Soundtrack Actually, it’s very difficult to find a bad song from

this show, most of them are very good. Some have been covered by other singers, and a couple of

them have been leaked, but they’re pretty good. I’m sure you can find them online.

Comparison to the Taiwanese Version

Comparison to the 2006 Korean Version In which this quote is used in the official trailer Conclusion The show stars

Chinese actor Shen Yue as a normal girl from Taiwan who becomes obsessed with the city of Beijing. Severely

disenchanted by the her unfulfilling life in Taipei, she decides to give up her studies and take a job as

a nightclub hostess in Beijing. Upon hearing rumors that her boyfriend (Darren Chen) is not over a girl

named Huaze Lei (Binnie Yi), Shancai begins to feel heartbroken about their future together. One night, the

two decide to go to a nightclub in Beijing where Shancai falls in love with Daoming Si (Shen Yue),

a Hong Kong celebrity, and the two are offered a job as a singing duo.

Meteor Garden


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