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Marvel What If..?: Find Out What Happens When the Hero Fails

Marvel’s “What If” Comic Book Series: Find Out What Happens When the Hero Fails


What If…? is an American vivified collection series made by A.C. Bradley for the web-based feature Disney+, in light of the Marvel Comics series of a similar name. … The series investigates substitute courses of events in the multiverse that show what might occur if significant minutes from the MCU films happened in an unexpected way.

What is What If?

Much like the Marvel Comics series of the same name, the collection focuses on “What if” scenarios based on the arcs in the MCU films. In this feature, Bradley makes use of a brand new comic format to address this alternate world scenario. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Each “What if?” scenario was assigned a point value and assigned points for every punch, bullet, and set piece that the story required to become possible. All of the points awarded to the scenarios were used to ultimately determine a winner. Trivia Quiz All of the scenarios and the victor were based off of the film “Iron Man 3.” The following are the “What if?” scenarios used as a template for the Marvel Comics series: Thor: The fate of Jane Foster. Kree/Skrull War Star-Lord’s first encounter with the Guardians.

How does it work?

Drew Goddard is directing the pilot episode, which was written by Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless. [Hollywood Reporter] What we know so far: A large number of scenes have already been filmed with the main cast: Dave Bautista, Karen Gillan, and Danai Gurira. Production is ongoing. [Variety] Who’s behind it? Drew Goddard, Damon Lindelof, Burk Sharpless, Matt Sazama. [Deadline] What’s the idea? What if The Defenders fought the Defenders? What if Fantastic Four fought the Fantastic Four? ALSO What if Luke Cage were not a hero? What if Doctor Strange wasn’t a wizard? AND What if Loki could not be the God of Thunder? What if Bruce Banner…had a brother? What if Black Widow got a boyfriend? Why now? Why now? Marvel’s Netflix show shows have all gone to series already. What do you think?

Who’s in the cast?


The cast of the streaming show includes Chris Pine as Steve Rogers, Anthony Mackie as Sam Wilson/Falcon, Michael B. Jordan as Erik Killmonger, Robert Redford as the returning villain Stane and Evangeline Lilly as Wasp. When does it premiere? The streaming series will air Tuesday, Dec. 25, at 12:01 a.m. PT, followed by a second season of the show at a yet-to-be announced date. The Marvel’s What If? comic book series, published by Marvel Comics, is published bi-monthly.

The first season of What If?

(Image: © What If?) What If? Fails (Image: © What If?) What If…? My Personal Marvel Universe (Image: © What If?) Marvel’s “What If?” Comic Book Series: What Happened When the Hero Didn’t Die (Image: © What If?) The second season of What If? (Image: © What If?) What If…? My Personal Marvel Universe Season Two (Image: © What If?) The third season of What If? (Image: © What If?) Marvel’s “What If?” Comic Book Series: What Happens When the Hero Arrives in an Unplanned Direction (Image: © What If?) What If…? My Personal Marvel Universe Season Three (Image: © What If?) Marvel’s “What If?” Comic Book Series: What Happens When the Hero Fails but Pulls a Destiny (Image: © What If?) What If? Fails (Image: © What If?) What If?

AvengersInfinity War

Avengers: Infinity War is a 2018 American superhero film based on the Marvel Comics superhero team the Avengers. It is the nineteenth film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) series. The film was directed by Anthony and Joe Russo from a screenplay by Christopher Markus & Stephen McFeely, and stars Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson, Josh Brolin, Mark Ruffalo, Jeremy Renner, Chris Pratt, Elizabeth Olsen, Paul Bettany, Sebastian Stan, Benedict Cumberbatch, Benedict Wong, Don Cheadle, Tom Holland, and Anthony Mackie. … the Thanos plotline also being deemed a hit because it set up a sequel for the franchise. “Now that we know the Thanos storyline,” Thomas said, “the next question is who is going to be in that? You can’t kill off too many characters.


The Endgame comic features a completely different possible future. Cable & Deadpool In a major event in the first issue, Cable is dead. And in the second issue of Cable & Deadpool #35, Deadpool betrays the remaining X-Men to Skrulls. Iron Man Iron Man: Rescue Dawn The issue tells a story about Tony Stark and a group of other mutants, with the help of Luke Cage and Misty Knight, who try to save the world from a Skrull invasion. The issue ended in #47, with many cliffhangers. After this issue, Iron Man would face off against The Hood, along with The Punisher and Hawkeye. Agent Carter In the final issue of Agent Carter , Peggy Carter finally takes down Stark Resilient after five issues of trying to stop him. At the end, Stark declares that this is “the end”.


What is the What if Marvel film about?

“Consider the possibility that… ?” switches things up on the MCU, rethinking popular occasions from the movies startlingly. Wonder Studios’ originally energized series centers around various legends from the MCU, highlighting a voice cast that incorporates a large group of stars who repeat their jobs.

What does the Marvel organization do?

The organization is a completely possessed auxiliary of The Walt Disney Company, and is for the most part known for its comic books by Marvel Comics, just as its introductions to films, including those inside the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


Are the Avengers and Marvel something very similar?

The first is that film rights for Marvel Comics characters like the X-Men, Wolverine, Deadpool, and Fantastic Four are claimed by Fox. … The Justice League is DC’s superhuman group, while the Avengers is Marvel’s.

Is Marvel a wonder?

Wonder Comics is the brand name and essential engraving of Marvel Worldwide Inc., previously Marvel Publishing, Inc. also, Marvel Comics Group, a distributer of American comic books and related media.

What is the name of the bolt fellow in Avengers?

Clint Barton

Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye in The Avengers (2012). The one who might become known as Hawkeye was conceived Clint Barton. Stranded at an early age, he joined the carnival and apprenticed himself to the Swordsman, an entertainer who had practical experience in stunts with edges.

Who started things out DC or Marvel?

Glancing back at the distribution delivery dates of both DC and Marvel in funnies, DC came out first. It was first known as Detective Comics Inc. which was subsequently changed to National Publications. Found by Entrepreneur Major Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson, their very first delivery was in 1934 with Mandrake the Magician

Who is the most grounded Avenger?

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Scarlet Witch had the option to obliterate Thanos’ incredible – and potentially Dargonite – sword with an influx of her hand. It’s becoming more clear and more clear that the Scarlet Witch, otherwise known as Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen) is authoritatively the most grounded Avenger in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Is Hulk a DC or Marvel?

Mind blowing Hulk, American funny cartoon character made for Marvel Comics by author Stan Lee and craftsman Jack Kirby. The transcending muscle-bound wannabe appeared in the every other month series The Incredible Hulk in May 1962.

Is Superman a Marvel?


Superman is an anecdotal superhuman showing up in American comic books distributed by DC Comics. The person was made by author Jerry Siegel and craftsman Joe Shuster, secondary school understudies living in Cleveland, Ohio, in 1933. They offered Superman to Detective Comics, the future DC Comics, in 1938.

Is Spider a DC or Marvel?

Bug Man is totally from Marvel and not DC. Notwithstanding, new fans reserve a privilege to be befuddled. In 1996, DC Comics and Marvel funnies met up to make a distributing engrave, Amalgam funnies. It was here that they blended a portion of their most adored characters into one.

Which character is both Marvel and DC?

Axel Asher, better known by his superhuman name Access, is lawfully claimed by both Marvel Worldwide Inc. what’s more, DC Entertainment in an extraordinary understanding. Access was made as a feature of a phenomenal hybrid occasion in comic book history: a series referred to just as Marvel versus DC.

Who is the DC rendition of Captain America?

In 1942, only 13 months after Simon and Kirby made Steve Rogers, Jim Harper was acquainted with the DC Universe by a similar inventive group, known as the vigilante Guardian

Where is sakaar?

Fornax Galaxy

First presented in the 2006 Marvel Comics storyline all in all known as Planet Hulk, Sakaar is a world situated in the Fornax Galaxy

Is Hawkeye a unique Avenger?


Clinton Francis “Clint” Barton, otherwise called Hawkeye, is a gifted marksman, a previous specialist of S.H.I.E.L.D. also, one of the establishing individuals from the Avengers.

What is dark widow’s name?

Natasha Romanoff

Dark Widow (Natasha Romanoff) Characters. Wonder.

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