You are currently viewing “I’m Not a Robot” Korean Best Drama Seasons and Plots

“I’m Not a Robot” Korean Best Drama Seasons and Plots

“I’m Not a Robot” Korean Best Drama

A youngster experiences a risky hypersensitivity that restricts his cooperations with individuals. Notwithstanding, his life changes when he meets a hopeful business visionary who claims to be a robot for her sweetheart.

I'm Not a Robot

What is “I’m Not a Robot”

Tuning in…

Life on Earth’s highest-rated series, thanks to its high ratings and stellar ratings retention rates, has once again been recognised as the top hit Drama of 2018. With 11.6% viewer retention rate, and more than 12.2% viewer retention rate for the final episode, the 1st Place honors of the Best Drama of 2018 has been won by “I’m Not a Robot”.

Multi-nations rights to the drama have been sold to Japan, China, Taiwan, Vietnam, and Indonesia.

Viewer favorite dramas this year are acclaimed as follows:

Lethal Weapon, a 2-part story about LAPD officer and former Army operative Roger Murtaugh who has a special connection with LAPD homicide detective Martin Riggs, who suffers from a neurological disorder that renders him paranoid and aggressive.

What to Expect from Season 2

“There will be new robots joining the cast in the second season, with significant roles for Lee Bo-young and Lee Sung-jae.”

The Day He Became a Robot B-Drama (Korean Dramas That Ended Before their Time)

South Korea’s cable network, OCN, is promising that an unlikely team of “mad geniuses” will upend the fast-paced world of today’s high-tech society. If they’re to be believed, that team includes megalomaniac scientist Mr. Jang (Kim Seung-soo), unstoppable hacker extraordinaire Hana (Seo Young-ae) and vengeful ex-con designer Jang Tae-ho (Hyun Bin), who is more than willing to provide Jang with the perfect box to house his technology.

Korean shows are notable all throughout the planet, midway in light of the spread of Korean standard society, and their expansive openness through continuous elements which consistently offer subtitles in various lingos. K-sensations have positioned for their uniqueness, and nuance’s all over. I’m Not a Robot is a South Korean TV series that has a significant fascinating plot and it has extraordinary picturization with splendid acting. Here the lead cast is Yoo Seung-ho, Chae Soo-canister,

and Um Ki-Joon. It is formed by Kim Sun-mi and composed by Jung Dae-Yoon. Conveying the series for MBC is May Queen Pictures. The show was communicated on MBC from December 6, 2017, to January 25, 2018, with a sum of 32 scenes. The Korean dramatization series I’m Not a Robot depends on a rich man (Yoo Seung Ho) who is oversensitive to other people and contributes a huge part of his energy alone that breezes up going completely gaga for a woman (Chae Soo Bin) who professes to be a robot. In this article we have achieved subtleties the I am Not Robot Season 2 Release date.

I'm Not a Robot

I’m Not Robot Season 2 Release Date

There is no authority date for the following season yet. The primary season is very fascinating and the consummation a piece of the story is likewise acceptable, it appears to be that there isn’t anything left for season 2. Assuming the creator will declare anything about the subsequent season, that should be an alternate story. However, nothing has been affirmed at this point from them. However, we actually sit tight for “I’m not Robot season 2”. In the event that we get any news with respect to this show, we will refresh it without a doubt.

Expected Plotline

I'm Not a Robot

Kim Min-kyu (Yoo Seung-ho) continues with a luxurious yet disengaged life due to outrageous affectability to genuine contact with others. He makes unbelievable risky rashes that immediately spread over his body whenever he makes any kind of skin contact. Jo Ji-ah (Chae Soo-compartment) is endeavoring to make associations reliant upon her manifestations, very two organized heart-framed lights.

Min-kyu is the chief and greatest financial backer of KM Financial. He obtained his proposals from his people, who passed on in a car collision 15 years sooner.

KM Financial has the Santa Maria bunch. The gathering is passing by teacher Hong Baek-gyun (Um Ki-Joon). Teacher Hong’s gathering has clandestinely made an undeniable level humanoid robot called AG3.

Hwang Yeo-Chul and his father Hwang Do-won endeavor to sell the Santa Maria gathering to Bold Group. To convince Kim Min-kyu not to sell the Santa Maria bunch, Baek-gyun sends the robot to him as a show. Not some time before the Aji 3 is passed on, the robot shortcircuits and Baek-gyun asks Ji-ah to go about as the robot, giving the gathering time to fix Aji 3. Unglued for the 10 million won portion he is offering her, Ji-ah agrees and emulates the robot under the oversight of the Santa Maria bunch.

Gradually, Min-kyu encounters enthusiastic affections for Ji-ah, tolerating that she is Aji 3. He is resentful about this since she is a robot to him, and “reboots” her, erasing the robot’s memory. Baek-gyun then replaces Ji-ah with the certifiable Aji 3. Ji-Ah, who has in like manner experienced energetic affections for Min-kyu, gives the city attempting to neglect to recollect him.

I’m not a Robot Season 2 Expected Plotline

I'm Not a Robot

Min-kyu discovers Ji-ah’s trickery and a robot, and that has a wild easily affected reaction that nearly kills him. Baek-gyun saves him and Min-kyu angrily cuts off his associations and partnerships with them only for their injustice and for playing with his opinions. Ji-ah concedes everything to Min-kyu and says she treasures him, and they rediscover their veneration, this time as individuals.

Before the reboot, Aji 3 had taken care of all the video film and data from the fundamentals with Kim Min-kyu in a secretive store. This store gets hacked, revealing everything about Min-kyu’s affliction. Min-kyu sorts out some way to obstruct the undertaking totally dry on time. At last, a few verifications show that Hwang Do-won and Martin were occupied with the manslaughter of Chairman Park. what’s more, certain individuals attempt to restores and keep up with that the Aji 3 to the Santa Maria bunch. The Santa Maria bunch viably dispatches one more robot in the wake of changing its appearance.

I’m not a Robot Season 2 Cast Details

Here the lead character Yoo Seung-ho depicts as Kim Min-kyu (28 years old), The greatest financial backer of the country’s

greatest money related association with an IQ of 159 anyway is a “human affectability” patient who can’t be in contact with

people. Chae Soo-container depicts as Jo Ji-ah (28 years old), she is an energetic young business visionary with high

enthusiastic information and an inventive trailblazer who was energized by her father while putting energy with him in

his vehicle auto shop. She is enrolled by the Santa Maria robot gathering to profess to be Aji 3. She has an IQ of 94.

Aji 3 is depicted as The world’s most reformist humanoid robot among the man-made intellectual prowess models delivered.

Um Ki-Joon depicts as Hong Baek-Kyun (34 years old), Ji-Ah’s ex who is a broadly acclaimed virtuoso progressed

mechanics instructor who makes the android named Aji 3 and bases her appearance on Ji-ah.

I’m not a Robot Season 2 Trailer

In spite of the fact that there isn’t anything has been reported at this point. We will refresh this segment straightaway if any authority affirmation will be out. You can watch the main season on Netflix in the event that you haven’t watched his wonderful Korean dramatization previously.

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