You are currently viewing I Hear You: A Chinese Drama That Will Touch Your Heart

I Hear You: A Chinese Drama That Will Touch Your Heart

I Hear You: A Chinese Drama That Will Touch Your Heart

I Hear You: A Chinese Drama That Will Touch Your Heart: A girl from an ordinary family dreams about studying in Japan to be a professional voice actress, but her mother wants her to marry rich.

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Introduction I HEAR YOU

A Girl with dreams to study in Japan instead of going to university, inherits a house. He calls the landlord. The landlord and his son, head to the rural parts of China where the house is located. They found the abandoned house and want to live in it. In Chinese folklore there are a lot of legends about people trying to marry their parents. In some cases the parents don’t want to marry their child, but some others want to. How Do You Know If Your Parents Are Against You Marrying Someone Else? In this episode, four people who want to marry their parents and other characters have different reasons. But the common point is that they think their parents don’t trust them. In my life I knew two girls in college who wanted to marry their parents, but they both ended up breaking up.

About the drama I HEAR YOU

In the 21st century, China has become a great global force in many spheres, including trade, economy, culture and sports. Many of the young generation have their heart set on moving to Japan and becoming professional voice-actors there. But little do they know that in order to become a voice-actor, they need to pass a very important exam that will be passed only if the correct equipment is obtained first. Lei Ye, a poor student from a poor family, is forced to quit school and work in a shoe shop to pay her living expenses and pay for the equipment needed to take the examination. Her little sister is more determined than her. She will do anything to obtain that goal, and is helped by Li Ching, a tough street kid who takes pity on her because he knows she is in the way of his ambition.

i hear you

Best parts of the I HEAR YOU drama

1. A very touching mother/daughter relationship. I also found it touching that the daughter knew from her own heart that the relationship she shared with her mom was special, just like in the Chinese folklore, the Yunnan China’s version of the Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. 2. A really nice family background! I just loved it. 3. What should I say? It touched me. For some reasons, the husband is not bad. I understand that he can be super-bad, but he didn’t try to be! In fact, he could be better, but he chose not to! He just stopped his thinking, stop his ambition and stopped his life! And he didn’t even realize it! It was just like the man in the newspaper – he just let his life just deteriorate!


The Heart of a Needle is a new drama which is dedicated to all the girls who are curious about overseas life. Get ready to fall in love with the beautiful and mysterious girl. Storyline Zhaoyu is a girl with an extraordinary voice and dreams of becoming a professional actress. However, her mother doesn’t think it is suitable for her to continue her studies, so they prepare her to get married at the age of 18. After finding a life-changing voice teacher she falls in love with, Zhaoyu decides to change her fate. With the help of her boyfriend and another classmate she goes to Tokyo, then she hears the voice of Lee Chun-Hee, a voice actor in the industry.

i hear you


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