You are currently viewing GOGO SQUID: Your Dose of Cute & Adorable Drama

GOGO SQUID: Your Dose of Cute & Adorable Drama

GOGO SQUID: Your Dose of Cute & Adorable Drama

GOGO SQUID: At 19, Tong Nian, a brilliant IT programming student with stellar grades and an equally impressive social media following, is winning at life. She never has a problem meeting new people. But all that changes the day Han Shang Yan walks into her life.

GOGO SQUID: Tong Nian’s day begins

When Han Shang Yan walked into Tong Nian’s life, he seemed like the perfect “samurai boy.” He was smart and handsome with a great personality and most importantly, he knew Tong Nian’s secrets. He seemed to know what she had done and for what. He knew all about her mother’s death and the role she played in it.


GOGO SQUID: A new guy enters her life

The guy’s cuter than her

His name is Han

Her crush is quickly replaced by a passion she thought she had lost

The complication that Han brings into her life brings out a whole new set of emotions.

The conspiracy behind Han

But then what is one to do when a new guy comes along and dangles the prospect of an exciting new relationship in front of your face?

It’s time for Tong to learn a few important things about love and loss. And perhaps about the world of the high-tech world she inhabits.

SHANG-CHAN, a brilliant programming student from China, arrives in America. And Tong’s world begins to tilt as he charms everyone and everything he meets. Tagging along with them is Yang Hao, an autistic boy who’s had his struggles and is grateful for the chance to work with Hao.

There’s a new girl in town

With her bright eyes and petite frame, Han’s not your average senior at Yingshan High School. And she’s not playing around with anyone who’ll pay her any mind. Tong Nian has never met a stranger. But the IT student’s got no time for any of Han’s juvenile tendencies.

Socially awkward, Han is beyond awkward in bed. Tong Nian doesn’t think it’s a big deal. In fact, it’s a huge turn-on, and that makes it all the more difficult to resist. A year’s worth of clandestine make-outs has been more than enough to help both girls overcome their inhibitions and explore the outer limits of their sexuality. But when Han’s ex-boyfriend arrives at school in search of his ex-girlfriend, a chain of events begins to unfold that changes everything.

GOGO SQUID: The happy ending is not so happy after all

Based on Tong Nian’s online personality, “Gogo Squid” tells the story of a budding romantic relationship between the two, who think they’ve found their one true love. They seem to have it all — except the uncontrollable, ever-growing feelings of jealousy and possessiveness. And that’s when the fake-it-till-you-make-it dynamic begins to cramp the couple’s style. In fact, Tong Nian finds it so unbearable that she makes a break for it from her boyfriend, but it doesn’t take long before their toxic relationship continues to eat away at her life. And then we have Han Shang Yan, who, one evening while eating dinner at home, witnesses what he feels are the worst aspects of Tong Nian’s character, which includes her high-maintenance nature and inability to maintain long-term relationships.



If you enjoy dramas, and you’ve been missing the Jang and Kim series (or still waiting for more), this will be just the thing to fill that hole. Please, please, please watch this in HD, it looks incredible.

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And if you enjoyed this drama, I highly recommend you check out “Rough Cut,” which had a bit of a prequel series, and “Good Doctor,” an extremely popular recent series with similarities to “Reply 1988.”


Though I will never claim to be a Jinji convert, I have been meaning to see more of the Kim Jang-Wook starrer ever since I first saw it in the US. The first two episodes were shown on Korean television during Thanksgiving, but a few days after the end of the original run, a subtitled version was launched on the streaming platform DramaFever.

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