You are currently viewing Goblin (tv series) Review: A Dramatic, Romantic, Thrilling Series

Goblin (tv series) Review: A Dramatic, Romantic, Thrilling Series

Goblin (tv series) Review: A Dramatic, Romantic, Thrilling Series


Kim Shin, an immortal goblin, goes to find a human bride to remove an invisible sword from his chest and end his life. One day, school student Ji Eun-Tak confesses to him that she is the chosen one.

Goblin (tv series) Review

So, many of you probably know already. Since Goblin comes on our screens, we took time to watch it and this was the conclusion of our process.

Goblin Season 1 Review

Goblin is a Korean drama that shows the life of a human called Kim Shin. The two main characters, Kim Shin and his bride, A-jin, are supernatural beings and they meet by accident.

Goblin is a drama that shows the amazing and romantic moments that every human goes through. From birth to death and the one thing that makes this drama even more interesting is that the human characters start talking to the characters played by the actors.

There is a bit of comedy in this drama too. The actors usually make funny faces and gestures which can make your day.

Drama and romance


The drama follows the typical ‘requirements’ of a good time-killing supernatural love triangle with equal parts paranormal intrigue and teenage romance. The supernatural side of the story does feel trite, because, well, it is supernatural. But the romance has been well-written and compelling, despite some unhelpful elements like unreliable narrators and anti-climatic climaxes. It helps that Ji Eun-Tak (played by actress Song Hye-Kyo) is a skilled and gutsy warrior with her heart in the right place and well-versed in sword fighting. The series also makes it clear that she’s the only one who can undo the curse and save her new beloved goblin husband, even though he didn’t ask her to do so.

Goblin Thrilling and unpredictable

Visions of someone’s death and its aftermath always evoke thrill and pain. With Goblin, we get both.

The story, which follows Ji Eun-Tak who possesses special powers and appeared mysteriously, turns around when a goblin is seen decapitating himself. She is seen fighting with a sword-wielding goblin.

The series, directed by Hwang Jung-Min, treads the danger zone as Ji Eun-Tak faces numerous challenges.

Vaguely Distinct Moral Values

According to Variety, the series pays homage to “Samurai Yoshitaka”, the origin of swords in Japanese literature.” It is about the issues of human-goblin interactions and how humanity treats its loved ones.

There are no right and wrong choices in the show. The dilemma is tough and tough for us as viewers to understand.

Protagonist’s relationships


The Goblin’s (Ahn Jae-Hwan) Paternity

He is the son of the Goblin King and Ha-yeon. So it goes to her house to take Ji Eun-Tak away.

So what’s Ji Eun-Tak’s Father, Kim Shin’s relationship like with Ji Eun-Tak? This is Ahn Jae-Hwan’s imagination of the dynamic.

Ha-yeon and Kim Shin

Ahn Jae-Hwan has made fun of his resemblance to Choi Min-Sik (Qi Yi) from the late 2000s hit TV series, “What’s My Name.” He made fun of him in a few of the video shoots for “The Goblin.”

After Ji Eun-Tak was kidnapped, Kim Shin finally tracked him down in a cave. When he asked Ha-yeon if she knows Ji Eun-Tak, she replied, “How can I ask the father of my child?” She told him that Ji Eun-Tak and the Goblin are bound to be married.

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