You are currently viewing Gintama: The Best Comedy Anime Series of All Time😎💻

Gintama: The Best Comedy Anime Series of All Time😎💻

Gintama: The Best Comedy Anime Series of All Time








GinTama is a Japanese manga series composed and outlined by Hideaki Sorachi. Set in Edo, which has been vanquished by outsiders named Amanto, the plot follows life according to the perspective of samurai Gintoki Sakata, who functions as a specialist close by his companions Shinpachi Shimura and Kagura to pay the month to month lease

GinTama’s Story

The story is centered on Gintoki and his twin brother Shinpachi, a man-buff and a lout. Both Gintoki and Shinpachi were born with the nickname “Toshi-no-Shima”. One day they get involved in an incident that leads them to the underworld. Gintoki finds himself transported into a very strange world called Gin-Tama, where there are numerous ghosts and spirits and supernatural beings known as the kindfarms, a war of seppuku among the citizens. The manga series is immensely popular, earning the praise of various writers and critics alike. The series has won several prestigious prizes and awards in Japan and abroad. In addition, the manga series is also in its 10th Volume.



The Characters of GinTama

Gintoki Sakata is a poor but resourceful and cunning young man with a glass eye. In his own words, he is a fortune hunter. Gintoki has a twisted sense of humor and typically fights with weapons such as blades and bolas. It is perhaps not a coincidence that he comes from Edo, and is definitely not a stylish fighter. Shinpachi Shimura is a middle-aged samurai, a retainer of Gintoki. In addition to his normal duties as a samurai, Shinpachi is in charge of handling the several girls the boys occasionally pick up. Although Shinpachi is very good at cooking, his secret is that he is a terrible cook. Kagura is a beautiful lady in her early 20s, one of Gintoki’s best friends. She looks like a pig with an embroidered collar and a pointed skirt. She is the group’s cook.

Gintama: Sakata Gintoki

After being given the nickname “Gintoki” (“lousy,” in Japanese) during a tournament, the shy and clumsy Gintoki finds himself unable to fulfill his dream of being an actor and has to continue living with his “dummy parents.” However, he can’t wait to leave his shabby life behind him when he is given an opportunity to become a “Shikigami,” an one who conducts the former god of war and notorious samurai Yorozuya into flesh for some month-long trials, through which he is to achieve real-life strength. He does this to impress a girl named Kagura. In an effort to stop a ruthless cult that worships the lost god Yorozuya and its long-time leader Goze, Gintoki heads out on a quest to seek the truth about the latter.

Gintama: Shinpachi Shimura

A comedic Shinpachi Shimura. He is a lazy bastard as well as the most self absorbed of the three. Mikasa Ackerman A hyper-aggressive neophyte Kamen Rider who pilots the Gundam Lance, which serves as a mobile suit. One of the series’ secondary protagonists, she is always in the thick of trouble, and takes down those that attempt to harm the trio. Kagura The straight man, the party princess and love interest of Shinpachi and Gintoki. The following are a few important elements about the plot Gintama revolves around three main main protagonists: Gintoki Sakata, Shinpachi Shimura and Kagura. 1: A flashback on Shinpachi. A gang of Samurai hired to take care of a prostitute that is a teen. At the time of her brothel the place is secluded, known as the “Cannibal Village.



Section 5. Kagura

Did you know that Gintama is based on a manga by Hideaki Sorachi? If you are familiar with Anime or Manga, you’ll probably know that many people just draw what’s in their head. But the fact is, before this manga was born, Sorachi struggled for 4 years, failing one after another. His production method and ideas changed dramatically during this period, as he began to realise that people were often reading works that bore little resemblance to the original content. It’s this lack of understanding of how things are done that led him to create Gintama. This next section is a bit of a tough one to talk about because Gintama is such a great show, so it’s tough to judge whether or not it’s better than another show.


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