You are currently viewing Genshin Impact: Discovering Unexpected Opportunities in Game

Genshin Impact: Discovering Unexpected Opportunities in Game

Genshin Impact: Discovering Unexpected Opportunities in the Face of Change

Genshin Impact is an activity pretending game created and distributed by miHoYo. It was delivered for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Android, and iOS in September 2020, PlayStation 5 in April 2021, and is gotten ready for future delivery on Nintendo Switch.

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What is Genshin Impact?

The UGC Game

The game is a little game, but it’s a big mission in a small space. UGC is the gamification of content to serve personalized social experiences, and create opportunities for user-generated content creation. In Genshin Impact, players will find themselves in a control room of the so-called Genshin Impact company which provides a patent-pending technology called SCG (Social game capturing) which is centered on a patent-pending technology named cGage.

Genshin Impact that supports real-time user capturing to build a social community, which is designed as a corporation to capture, utilize, and manage user-generated content such as video, images and voice, which will be shared between users.


The game challenges players with the task of fending off attackers and leaping into the air at the right time to meet your catcher’s ball.

The location of your catch can either be under your pitcher’s glove or under the mid-base, making the game rather simple. The catch is optional, but it does get you a spot in the ongoing match. The ball’s location, on the other hand, is mandatory, which means the possibility of the ball landing anywhere.

Graphically speaking, the game is enhanced by the ability to change graphics on-the-fly. In the next season, you’ll be

able to customize the player by changing the skin, hair color, and glasses to suit your mood.

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This game is available in five genres: Core, Core+8, Advanced, Expanded, and Simulator. The core genres are Core,

Core+8, and Advanced, which are the traditional genres in which players can play games like Mahjong, Flying Buffalo and

pachinko. On the other hand, Expanded genres are Light, Large, and Unlimited, which are traditional games that

the player can play with more people, as well as Cooperative-type games, in which the player plays alongside the AI players.

Genshin Impact Characteristics

Players can use many traditional strategy styles in which they can play with either 1-4 players or 1-32 players.

It is really hard to play with 100 people or more. However, players can use the expansion genres to play with these AI agents.

Genshin Impact Conclusion

The “Saga Series” of Genshin Impact is made from a combination of Genshin simulation (in the form of a simulation) and

simulation of virtual reality technology, adapted by Amusement Vision Inc. The range of high-tech materials used in making

this game is classified into advanced materials, components, and materials which can be found in smartphones and PCs.

The company mentioned in the statement that Genshin Impact provides the possibility of creating game that users

can enjoy just like how it looks on the screen. Therefore, its immersive experience can be called a modern

technological fantasy game. Although the game is a simulation, it has some elements that make it possible for players to be in it

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