You are currently viewing FAR CRY 6: SPOILER ALERT- 5 Awesome Things

FAR CRY 6: SPOILER ALERT- 5 Awesome Things

SPOILER ALERT: FAR CRY 6 – 5 Awesome Things You Need To Know


Far Cry 6 leaves behind the Montana of Far Cry 5 and New Dawn and heads for a Caribbean get-away in the anecdotal nation of Yara, where things are, obviously, a bit turbulent. Ubisoft’s next shooter is set in the midst of the upset attempting to expel a fierce tyrant from power. This is what we think about Far Cry 6 up until now, including what’s happening for the shooter series and its expected connections to Far Cry 3.





What Is Far Cry 6 All About


Far Cry 5 dropped you into the wilds of the USA and sent you on a tale-of-two-sides mission. The only objective was

to eliminate the mercenaries dispatched by John Roper (more on that in a bit) and take back Hope County. While

you succeeded in doing so, the aftermath gave you a good look at how dangerous a hostile, potentially hostile,

populace can be when left alone, especially after a lengthy period of time. With time, the locals can grow more

hostile, grow more desperate and that’s when things get truly out of hand. Based on the latest trailers,

Yara has literally collapsed into chaos, as it’s ruled by an unhinged police

chief who’s raging mad about someone telling the truth.


Far Cry 6’s Settings

The story is set in the fictional nation of Kyrat in the Malayan region. It’s a peaceful country where everything is looking rosy for the US and Chinese investors trying to land a new gold mine there. What they don’t realize is that the denizens of Kyrat harbor an intense dislike for the “Caucasian-looking aliens” who seem to be flying the plane out there. As the game begins, the island nation is a shambles. There are violent carjackings taking place on the road, there are insane cults running rampant throughout the community, and the leader of these cults has a plan to launch a chemical attack on the White House (or another location).

The Story of Far Cry 6

Advertisement Far Cry 5 seemed like a straightforward assassination plot story. And that’s great, because it is. It’s a terrific crime story and part of Ubisoft’s long legacy of such stories. But while Far Cry 5 served up a new take on the Far Cry formula, the upcoming sequel is going to be something different. Far Cry 6 takes place in an island called Yuma, an island nation located off the coast of the continental United States. Everything is in disarray, and there’s a leader named Joseph Seed who is attempting to purge the island of people who have failed him. So it’s a reimagining of the Far Cry formula in a wholly new place. Like Far Cry 5, there will be choices, but a lot more of them.

The Gameplay of Far Cry 6


It looks like a mixture of Far Cry 3 with a sprinkling of Far Cry: Blood Dragon in there. The description of the gameplay from Ubisoft describes it as “subtle”, saying that players will once again need to think quickly and strategically as the game’s time limit continues to tick down. One of the things you can’t really call out is how long you’re actually going to be able to spend on the game. When you set the time limit, you don’t really know how much you’re going to be able to do in the game, just like you never know when you’re going to run out of in-game currency, or when your health meter is going to run out. As time goes by, you’re going to be getting into more and more serious conflicts.

Connections to other games in the series

If you played Far Cry 3 and were struck by the parallels to Vietnam, you’re not alone. But it would appear

that Far Cry 4 (a more conventional shooter and not the frantic chaos of the other two) was built to be a more

obvious connection to that game, by offering up one of the “Big Things” of the title: The August 1963 Louisiana

State Guard attack on New Orleans during Hurricane Betsy.

The sainted chief of the guard, a reclusive, pearl-clutching Old South enthusiast named Leo St Jacques, was a spitting

image for the game’s central bad guy Pagan Min. After completing the first four Far

Cry games you can unlock a secret photo of the real

St Jacques in the form of a picture frame; a distinctive in-game weapon called the Broken Spoke.


Ubisoft, the game company responsible for the Far Cry series, has introduced a number of improvements to

the franchise, to try to make the game more diverse and appeal to the mass market. However, the same mistakes are still present and the series still lacks the uniqueness that allows it to stand out. Furthermore, the execution of this game has seen some well-known problems, making it hard to overlook as a complete package. However, some of its stories are both emotionally gripping and imaginative, with solid characters and a fascinating environment. But the bad points overshadow the good and the end result is a game that feels like a

lower quality, clunky Far Cry installment. These are the great things you need to know about Far Cry 6. 1.


What is Far Cry 6’s delivery date?

The Far Cry 6 delivery date is October 7, 2021 for PC, Stadia, the PS4 and PS5, and Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

That is not the first delivery date, notwithstanding. It was first intended to dispatch back in February, yet was deferred close to the furthest limit of 2020 alongside a couple other Ubisoft games. Another talk, through a Microsoft Store posting, recommended it may show up in May. In any case, in an interactivity uncover trailer, Ubisoft at long last declared the October delivery date.

Will Far Cry 6 be on Steam?

No. Ubisoft has affirmed that Far Cry 6 will deliver for Windows PC solely on the Epic Games Store and the Ubisoft Store, and will likewise be accessible on its membership administration, Ubisoft+. In any case, it will not be on Steam.


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