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Doraemon: A Cartoon That Teaches You Life Lessons

Why I Love Doraemon: A Cartoon That Teaches You Life Lessons


Doraemon: numerous Americans love perusing Japanese Manga – particularly now that so many English interpretations of their comic books are accessible in the United States. Notwithstanding, Japan has an abundance of manga characters that have accomplished popularity in numerous nations all throughout the planet. Inquisitively, nonetheless, one of their best manga characters still can’t seem to surprise the United States yet.

Considered Japan’s first “liveliness represetative” by unfamiliar pastor Masahiko Komura himself, Doraemon, a robot feline who’s been showing up in Japanese manga funnies since 1970. Regardless of a fifty-year profession that is remembered appearances for manga, full length films, and an anime TV series that is kept going longer than The Simpsons, numerous Americans actually don’t think a lot about Doraemon. To give you a thought of what you’ve been feeling the loss of, we should investigate Doraemon’s set of experiences.

Made by Japanese visual artists Hiroshi Fujimoto and Motoo Abiko (who composed under the pseudonym Fujiko Fujio), it is a manga about Nobita, a sympathetic ten-year-old kid who, sadly, is horrible in school, cumbersome at sports, and consistently tormented by his cohorts. Nobita was such a washout in life that his relatives in the 22nd century are as yet taking care of the entirety of the obligations he gathered in his life.

What manga says about it !


Chapter 246: Volume 14 – Chapter 246 – Far Away From HomeChapter 245: Hi Alien!

Embarrassed to have such a failure progenitor, Nobita’s incredible extraordinary grandson Sewashi Nobi thinks of the plan to send his robot feline Doraemon back on schedule to take care of Nobita when he was a kid. Sewashi trusts that if Doraemon urges Nobita to support himself and improve in school, history will change and his future relatives’ lives will improve.

Lamentably, since Sewashi’s family is so poor, it is certainly not a first in class model robot feline. Later stories uncover he was harmed in an assembling plant mishap, bringing about him graduating at the lower part of his group while being prepared to deal with kids. More awful, while taking care of Sewashi, Doraemon’s feline ears were snacked off by a mouse, causing the initially yellow Doraemon to become blue with dismay and foster a devastating fear of mice.

In any case, Doraemon is additionally sympathetic and dedicated to aiding Nobita, who fosters a sibling like relationship with his robot feline. Besides, Doraemon has an unlimited “fourth dimensional pocket” on his stomach that contains an apparently interminable stockpile of contraptions from what’s to come. The contraptions will in general be second-hand (since Doraemon is so poor) however can in any case achieve wizardry like supernatural occurrences that help Nobita. Shockingly, Nobita will in general be sluggish and frequently mishandles the force of these devices – coming about in comedic debacles.

The Doraemon Manga Adventures


From this essential idea, Fujiko Fujio fostered a line of stories that diverted Doraemon from one of Japan’s best manga funnies into a social wonder. The majority of the manga stories followed a straightforward example. Nobita would return home crying, typically, after the nearby harasser Gian beat him up, rich child Suneo flaunted another toy, or Nobita’s crush Shizuka started spending time with other young men. Doraemon would offer compassion and consolation, yet Nobita would demand a convenient solution for his concern – bringing about Doraemon creating a device from his pocket.

The contraptions were an immense piece of the manga’s allure as they could essentially satisfy any wish. Some like the “Anyplace Door” which could move the client anyplace in the universe, shown up. Others, similar to a bunch of pills that could give an individual creepy crawly like superpowers were planned explicitly for one story. In any case, the contraptions normally gave Nobita the quick arrangement he needed – however when it came time to return the device, Nobita would generally keep it and stumble into more difficulty.

One story had Doraemon give Nobita a “balance shot” after Nobita had a day loaded up with only misfortune. The shot gives Nobita uncanny best of luck to adjust every one of the terrible things that happened to him – yet when Nobita begins indulging, Doraemon cautioned him that an influx of misfortune will before long adjust the favorable luck. Scared, Nobita starts declining every one of the prizes and free food that continue coming his direction, knowing he’s simply welcoming difficulty.

The Doraemon Manga Adventures (ii)

Notwithstanding these disasters, Nobita improves as an and more grounded individual on account of his companionship with Doraemon. Despite the fact that Nobita is by and large fearful, he shows exceptional fortitude when paying special mind to his companions. In one contacting story, Doraemon is compelled to get back to the future, and Nobita, not needing his companion to stress over him, won’t withdraw from a domineering jerk’s steady beatings until the harasser surrenders to make sure he can show Doraemon he can get by without him.


Fujiko Fujio additionally utilized Doraemon and Nobita’s undertakings to show examples science, history, and environmentalism, like Hayao Miyazaki’s Studio Ghibli films. Numerous accounts saw Doraemon take Nobita to various recorded periods in “Specialist Who” style experiences where they (and the peruser) find out with regards to dinosaurs, world history, and logical standards. For all intents and purposes these accounts were adjusted into the Doraemon TV anime series which delivered very nearly 2000 scenes from 1979 to 2005. The anime was subsequently rebooted that very year into another Doraemon vivified series.

Doraemon immediately acquired inescapable allure outside of Japan, and the two his manga and anime were deciphered

and redubbed for quite some time nations, including India, France, Vietnam, China, Brazil, and the Philippines.

Albeit English-interpreted forms of Doraemon’s manga exist, the U.S. didn’t get the named Doraemon anime

series until scenes of the 2005 series were adjusted into an American-style Disney XD TV series. Shockingly,

previous Power Ranger Johnny Yong Bosch voiced Nobita (renamed “Nobi”)

and Mona Marshall from South Park voiced Doraemon.

The Doraemon Novels

Doraemon’s conspicuousness provoked Fujiko Fujio making full-length manga books that offered longer, greater

movement squeezed endeavors. Not in the least like the longwinded manga, the records had a hazier tone and

saw Doraemon, Nobita, and their allies travel to old events to manage a dinosaur Nobita raised or rebuff an

assaulting robot equipped power from a substitute planet. The new stories showed notable and were

changed into successful full length jazzed up motion pictures.

While various Americans really don’t contemplate Doraemon, his noticeable quality all through the planet guarantees

he’ll connect with when the U.S. is ready to totally acknowledge his manga, anime, and films. In the interim,

English understandings of his manga exist on the Internet for individuals who need to scrutinize funnies

electronic, giving fans a way to deal with track down the best manga most Americans don’t ponder.

What is Doraemon?

Doraemon is an interesting Japanese manga and anime series created by Fujiko F. Fujio and published by Shogakukan.

The story revolves around the life of Nobita Nobi, the youngest son of Suneo and Tokiko Nobi, who lives in a

futuristic city called “Nobilis City”. What is the point of Doraemon? A popular character in the series is

Nobita’s Doraemon, who goes around solving his sibling’s mystery cases and giving a few life lessons

in the process. After many adventures in space, in other parts of the universe, and on other planets,

Doraemon and Nobita return to Nobilis City to prepare for their fifth test. However,

something is different. Doraemon is no more a robot, but is a cyborg.

The story of Doraemon

Doraemon is a cartoon character based on the Fujiko F. Fujio (与原常倫理 Fujiko F. Fujio) comic strip that

has been published in Japan since 1977. In the series, Doraemon is a robot and his name means “yearn for adventure.

” Doraemon was designed to help Nobita, Nobita’s little brother, with all the mischief he was always causing.

The cartoon first appeared in 1978 on Japanese television and then was released to the US in 1979.

Doraemon character in the cartoons Doraemon cartoons have a serious plot but there are many comedic moments.

Doraemon was designed to give the cartoon a good amount of laughs. The cartoon has been

adapted to numerous media such as animation, manga, toys,

live-action films, cartoons, comics, toys and even merchandise.

Why I love Doraemon


The series is centred on the character Nobita Nobiha. Nobita has a cat called Doraemon as his pet. In each episode,

the plot will revolve around how the carefree it has to save Nobita’s family. Though the plot is similar

to Sesame Street, it still is a great way to get children to learn important life lessons and not to

take their parents for granted. it also has some hilarious episodes. For example, when it

accidentally brought a cat, Kaoru, into Nobita’s house. Nobita mistook it for his pet cat, Nobita, and promptly

called Doraemon to come to his rescue. itthen transformed Kaoru into a self-regulating cat.

This episode has several lessons, but the most important lesson taught by the Doraemon is how to love unconditionally.

My favourite quotes from the show

“A dolphin swimming in a pool of water may pass through the water even when the water isn’t, like a square

circle passing through the circle.” “When I think about it, the biggest lesson I learned in life

is never to limit the scope of your imagination, because what you have in your head is enough to

make the greatest fairy tale.” – Doraemon To put it simply, It is about an android (further

developed into a robot) who travels through the fictional Eastern Hemisphere and aids Nobita,

an earth boy in his adventures. it is a device that helps Nobita on his assignments.

It also provides him with an ever-present source of knowledge and power.

And that’s the story I have to share with you today! And guess what?


There are a lot of reasons why I love this anime series. I believe everyone should know about this famous show.


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