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Delhi Crime: Netflix’s New Indian Mystery Drama

Delhi Crime: Netflix’s New Indian Mystery Drama

delhi crime

Netflix India web series Delhi Crime as of late won the Best Drama Series grant at the International Emmy Awards 2020. The show, in light of the horrendous gangrape and murder of a lady in 2012, delivered on the streaming goliath in March last year.

Delhi Crime – Why do we need it?

What does it mean for the Indian drama industry? One of the most popular web series right now on Netflix India, shows the story of Arun Maitra, a businessman whose house is robbed while he is having a sleep in the early hours of the morning. As soon as he wakes up, he finds himself in the middle of a case which then leads to him to solving the case and uncovering a lot of illegal goings-on in the city. It’s a story that has resonated with a lot of people and left many viewers with the feeling of exasperation and puzzlement. For a lot of people, it was just like finding themselves in the middle of a Bollywood film. All that kept them coming back to binge-watch more episodes of this series .Delhi Crime

What’s the story behind Delhi Crime?

delhi crime

After being hyped up and turning into a big deal on social media, the first Netflix India web series is finally here. Delhi Crime is a crime thriller which was premiered on the streaming platform in January. The show focuses on two cops, Shakti Kumar and K.K, investigating a series of murders in New Delhi. The story takes an interesting turn after the duo team up and try to solve the mystery. Delhi Crime web series will be back for a second season. The second season will be set in Kashmir, and the show will

see the lead characters interacting with locals and making the journey tougher for them. The new season

will begin streaming on Netflix from March 2. Delhi Crime

The cast and production

The four actors who star in the series The story Catch the show and create your own opinion The plot is

straight forward. A man lives in his uncle’s home. He is quite alone. His uncle, who lives in a room opposite his brother’s bedroom, feels he is married to another woman. The home seems to have little going on in it. The narrative unravels when the protagonist takes a walk. In his arms, he is carrying a baby girl. The viewer goes on to guess, perhaps, that the woman is a prostitute. The hero chases

the woman, and is thrown into the world of crime. The cast The six episodes of the series The play-by-play As the days go by, the hero,

who happens to be a PI, decides to look into the case with the help

of the investigating officer. The plot is straight forward. Delhi Crime

The songs in Delhi Crime

As Bose starts investigating, there are songs that play, thanks to their achingly cool Bollywood music director. For example, there’s one haunting song about the undercover agents from the CIA who died in India. There’s another one about Delhi, about the nature of betrayal. The lyrics are brilliant, and come from, or at least borrow heavily from, the Indian literary canon.

There’s a really amazing scene in which someone gives Bose a bus pass,

and Bose thanks her for the pass and the money,

delhi case

saying, “I have no money,” to which she replies, “Even if you do, it won’t buy you happiness.” Later, at a café, Bose

reaches out to a young woman. He says, “She will think you’re in love with her,” to which the young woman

replies, “I have no time for men like that.

Final Thoughts

Indian television may be the current hot trend, but thankfully Netflix is stepping up to the plate with

a new series just in time for the festive season. Delhi Crime, the third original series from

the online streaming giant in India, is scheduled to premier

next month and it looks to be another solid offering in the company’s arsenal. One of the newest features that have been

added to the series is the addition of Netflix Original trailers, giving viewers a preview of what to expect before

a particular series release. One thing that remains consistent is the consistent quality of the content in India’s online streaming sector. Delhi Crime

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