You are currently viewing Clean with Passion for Now: a K-Drama You Should Watch

Clean with Passion for Now: a K-Drama You Should Watch

Clean with Passion for Now: a K-Drama You Should Watch

Drama Clean with Passion, for Now, is a surprising sentiment sprout between a germophobic CEO of a cleaning organization and a lady not inclined to tidiness.

Clean with Passion for Now Get to Know the Characters

Clean with Passion for Now

Yang Sang-ok is a butcher with a beefy physique. One cold day in October, he takes a Korean ailingman into his home. The whole time Sang-ok’s housekeeper, Sang-yeon, looks after him, even giving him a shower. In return, Sang-ok tells Sang-yeon to bring her some kimchi.

A few weeks later, Sang-ok finds out that the man has passed away. Sang-yeon however, is concerned that Sang-ok doesn’t seem to care about his cleaning business. Sang-ok, who was heartbroken, doesn’t want to have anything to do with Sang-yeon. Sang-yeon, who was disheartened when Sang-ok took off, goes on a mission to help Sang-ok out.

The Un-caring CEO’s son, Yoo Jung, doesn’t believe his father was a family man.

The Plot of the Drama

Although still in its infancy, the biggest revelation of this drama is a peek into the life of a female CEO who does not hesitate to resort to violence when she is wronged. She is obsessed with work and, after having a deal canceled by the erstwhile owner, decides to make it pay by ignoring every other source of income, including eating, drinking, and even sex. She finds solace only in a rented office at the outskirts of town, where she has her own staff of four cleaners whom she employs and treats in a very one-sided fashion, expecting them to take care of all her needs. Although they all hate each other, they stick together until the day they are brought to justice in the most atrocious manner by the evil and powerful chief that stole their livelihood.

Clean with Passion for Now

Why you should watch it

In addition to serving as a sobering metaphor for how high tensions are inflicted by long-standing stress, the story of a few undervalued tools of labor, “Clean with Passion for Now” also makes an interesting demonstration of themes common in drama series.

As the company’s founder, Sung Jae-hyun, builds a relationship with a worker named Son Woo-hee, Son continues to hide her odd habits from her boss and repeatedly denies ever having heard of him.

His boss, however, decides to try and trust Son, and falls in love with her when she insists on maintaining a clean house even though she doesn’t like doing so.

The relationship between the two is based entirely on trust. They are both able to tell each other the truth, and even disagree, on some issues.

What is your opinion on Clean with Passion for Now drama?

Clean with Passion for Now

For me, that scene was like, “Yeah, that guy is trash.” For me, it wasn’t as if he was the enemy of cleanliness.

Cleanliness is something to be proud of, so his fear of disorder is similar to someone who despises a certain

tree but then finds the symbolism of it beautiful and beautiful things are beautiful in and of themselves.

Was it a clichéd dirty lady not wanting to clean?

Nah. She just felt uneasy about the situation. It was not as if she thought the mess was the cleanliness itself.

She’s not that happy about something in her home, is she?

No. She’s not happy about the mess. She’s disappointed.

Something about the angle makes it seem as if she’s not sure

she’d be able to keep up with the workload.

I wonder. I think they implied she can. also I can’t explain why.

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