You are currently viewing Cinderella and the Four Knights: The New Korean Drama

Cinderella and the Four Knights: The New Korean Drama

Cinderella and the Four Knights: The New Korean Drama That’s Capturing Attention

Cinderella and the Four Knights: Synopsis. Eun Ha-won (Park So-dam) is a bright high school senior who dreams of becoming a teacher. Unfortunately, she loses her mother in a tragic accident. When her father remarries and a cruel stepmother moves in and steals Ha-won’s college tuition.

Cinderella and the Four Knights

What is Cinderella and 4 Knights?

Inspired by the 1998 animated film of the same name, the new Korean drama Cinderella and 4 Knights is slated to premiere on October 2 at 11 p.m. KST, but you can watch an exclusive preview right here. The drama is based on the series of novels by Kim Ho-dong. This isn’t the first time the creators and the author have collaborated on a project. The duo previously teamed up to pen the fantasy novels Banquo’s Bluff and The Return of the Condor Heroes. Cinderella and 4 Knights is a fantasy epic about a high school girl named Eun Ha-won who has a chance encounter with Prince Kai. But Ha-won has no interest in falling in love with the prince because she is in love with someone else – the local chef Hong-hyun (Lee Joon-seok).

Cinderella and the Four Knights: Lead Actors

Cinderella and the Four Knights

Colton Haynes as Gayla (Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars, Soul Punk) Justin Chatwin as Oscar (Lucky 7, The Lost and Found) Jonny McGovern as Ha-won (American Drama Academy, Step Up) Lee Shi-won as Koo-shik (Deja Vu) Amber Stevens West as Ka-shu (Entertainment This Month) Cinderella and the Four Knights was a successful drama from 2009 and featured the singing talents of Namkoong Min (Mister Sunshine) and Ha Ji-won (Heartstrings, Goong). It made headlines because the director, Kang Ho-dong, made it the first Korean drama with a gay protagonist. He openly said he created the character to normalize same-sex relationships. The gay character’s secret was revealed in the middle of the drama, but the audience got to see his struggle with his sexual identity.

Supporting Characters

Kang Chul-il (Kim Dae-hyuk) Divorcee, former professor, and grandmother to Ha-won’s little sister Jang-jae (Moon So-ri) Hwang Mi-soo (Kim Hyun-joong) Samantha (Yoon So-hee) Jeong Yu-seok (Kim Jeong-soo) Cheol-soo (Kim Kyu-sik) Sam Cheol-soo (Kim Gyu-sik) Jeong Yeo-shik (Park Sung-won) Edgar’s Studio and other Players. Two years after her mother’s death, Ha-won sets off for the Seoul National University, determined to study. On the way to the university, she visits her aunt Se-nui, an orphan. Her father remarries and her stepmother moves in, and tries to take away her college tuition. As Ha-won and Se-nui argue, a boy named Jo Geun-hee, who lives in the neighborhood, witnesses the confrontation.


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A Second Chance for Cinderella

This third season of SBS’s original drama Cinderella revolves around a single mother and her four daughters, all college students working part-time jobs and going to school. Yuri!!! on ICE Yuri (Sasha Rad) is a passionate figure skater with her whole life ahead of her. The daughter of Russian immigrants, Yuri’s love of skating takes her to a prestigious school in America. But it is here she meets a fierce rival. Yuri!!! on ICE continues SBS’s trend of using popular animated Japanese sports series, such as Yuri!!! on Ice, to jumpstart its drama lineup. The same season as the original drama, Yuri will also air on Australian screens on FOX8. Click here for more information on the MBC drama schedule.

Cinderella and the Four Knights


Extend the summer with the new Korean drama “Cinderella and the Four Knights” starring Kim Ji-woo.


Who does she wind up with in Cinderella and the four knights?

However, after you watch a series for 16 scenes, you’ve contributed. In the end I’m satisfied that everybody discovered joy. Ha Won wound up with the ideal man. She stayed by Ji Woon when he was oblivious after the transfer a medical procedure.

Is there a season 2 of Cinderella and the four knights?

If “Cinderella with Four Knights’ Season 2 gets a delivery date, it will be at some point in 2022.

What is the narrative of Cinderella and the four knights?

Abstract. Eun Ha-won (Park So-dam) is a splendid secondary school senior who fantasies about turning into an educator. Tragically, she loses her mom in a lamentable mishap. At the point when her dad remarries and a coldblooded stepmother moves in and takes Ha-won’s schooling cost.

Who is Eun Ha won genuine dad?

The two knights are worried about Ha Won. Ha Won dreams now she has two fathers, she can scarcely trust it. Ji Woon clarifies that a year prior Assistant Lee visited him and revealed to him that his genuine name was Kang Ji Woon. He clarifies he didn’t have the foggiest idea about the man that was his dad nor had his mom at any point examined him.

Cinderella and the Four Knights

Does Hyun Min end up with?

He was in a phony relationship with Eun Ha-won as his life partner and his sweetheart. In Episode 2, he attempts to affront his Grandpa by bring Ha-won as his “life partner and as a gift to him.” In scene 7, she dismisses him since she thinks he is an over the top womanizer and realizing that he actually cared deeply about Park Hye-ji.


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