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Chinese Dramas for Beginners (Best 5)

5 Must-See Chinese Dramas for Beginners

Chinese Dramas:

19 Best Chinese Drama To Watch Right Now – Gizmo Story

My Girlfriend Is Alien: The Best C-Dramas You Should Watch

The Bad Kids.

Chinese Dramas

Go Go Squid 2 Dt. Appledog’s Time.

Word of Honor.

Ultimate Note.

You Are My Hero.

Section 1: The Bad Kids

Chinese Dramas

10 minutes from any metro station

Their parents just divorced. So they started to steal. To what end? That’s the mystery. What we know: they are sick of their parents fighting, they are bored and they have this delicious taste for trouble. Telling them that stealing is wrong is not going to solve anything, so they stick with their guilty pleasures, gradually getting caught by the police and ending up in juvenile detention. The warden turns them into addicts, making them smoke cigarettes and fap all day. Little by little, their behavior changes. They’re all very dedicated to their group – one of them having tattoos “No Pain, No Gain” in ink. Do they change? No. We could sense that there’s a lot of pain in them, but they were too proud to let that show.

Section 2: Go Go Squid 2 Dt.

Go Go Squid

Chinese Dramas

Let Me Call You Sweetheart

The Boys Are Back in Town

24 Style

Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay

Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle.

Let Me in on a Secret.


Gag Girls

Night Without a Head.

I Am a Hero


The Walking Dead

The Warden.

Oni-san wa Smart Boy

If You Are the One.

Tokyo Gore Police 2.

Alvin and the Chipmunks

The Dark Knight.

Bubble Boy.

Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure.

The Departed.

The Emperor’s New Groove.




Mutant Turtles.

Scream 4.


X-Men: First Class.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.


Everything Everything.

Lars and the Real Girl.

The Testaments.

Never Back Down 2.

Green Street Hooligans.

Fun Size.


Hijo de Fantasma.

The Smurfs.

Sushi Girl.

I Saw the Devil.

Appledog’s Time

Chinese Dramas

You are My Hero

Fist of Legend

Go Go Squid 2 Dt.

Word of Honor

Dirty Girl.

Free Rein.

May God Bless the Children


Lo Zhi Ye Qi.

Museum of Time Travel.

Look at Me Without Knowing You.

Bet on Your Life.

Black Walnuts in the Snow.

Cat’s Meow.

L.A. Noire.

Box of Chocolates.


Merry Jingxi Festival

Golden Horse Films, Shanghai


Chinese Dramas

Compadre, Brand New Pictures, Taiwan

‘The Crossing.’

Contemporary Film, Winner of the 2008 Dubai International Film Festival Gold Medal for Best National Film.


Official Selection, 2011 Sundance Film Festival.

‘Jing Xue.’

‘Grand Prize.

Golden Harvest Film Festival and Shanghai Film Festival, 2010.’

‘Xu Jialong’s Journey to the West.’

‘2006 Da’ Award.’

‘Duan Chun’s Dream.’

Out of Competition, Shanghai International Film Festival.

‘Yu Qing.

Ultimate Note

Chinese Dramas

Flying Midi.

Ghost Tower.

Ultimate Note.


Kuai Qui Xin Fei (Xiangyou Dianxia) .

. Zhu Bu Yueh Xian (Simplified Chinese)

The Tree That Climbed to the Sky.

Gems of Arria II .

. Five Rhapsodies .

. Jiangjin Zenkai.

Ultimate Note.

Baishey Shun De (Soul of Emperor) .

. Nine Deception .

. Ultimate Note.

Ultimate Note.

Ultimate Note.

Ultimate Note.

Ultimate Note.

Ultimate Note.

Ultimate Note.

Ultimate Note.

Kuai Quan Zhen (Five Meanings and Five Leaves).

Ultimate Note.

Ultimate Note.

Ultimate Note.

Ultimate Note.

Ultimate Note.

Ultimate Note.

Ultimate Note.

Ultimate Note.

Ultimate Note.

Ultimate Note.

Ultimate Note.

Emo Kong: Master of Darkness.

Soul of Emperor.

Jiangjin Zenkai.

Five Rhapsodies.

Five Rhapsodies II.

Ultimate Note.

You Are My Hero


Wing Keke: The Billion Dollar Killer.

The Sniper

The World.

Hong Sang-soo’s films are almost always an event. Whenever he’s in a festival, it is time to flock to a theater, get your tickets in advance, and pray the film isn’t cut. It isn’t like it is in the States where directors are able to have input into their films before they’re made public, and thus movies are tweaked, cut, or partially finished before they’re allowed to screen to the public. This is not the case in Korea, where everything that goes on in film production and pre-production is sealed and everyone wears a blindfold. The opening-night premiere of Chan-wook Park’s The Handmaiden was the culmination of a five-year, seven-film collaboration that tested Korea’s highly restrictive production codes.

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