You are currently viewing Attack on Titan Anime: The Greatest Fighting Game of All Time

Attack on Titan Anime: The Greatest Fighting Game of All Time

Attack on Titan Anime: The Greatest Fighting Game of All Time

Attack on Titan Anime: At the point when man-eating Titans initially seemed 100 years prior, people discovered wellbeing behind enormous dividers that left the monsters speechless. In any case, the security they have had for such a long time is compromised when a gigantic Titan crushes through the boundaries, causing a surge of the goliaths into what had been the people’s protected zone.

Attack on Titan Anime

Attack On Titan  — Manga

Chapter 138: A Long DreamVol.34 Chapter 137: Titans

Attack on Titan: Junior High

Attack On Titan: Junior High 

Vol.5 Final Period: Farewell, Attack Junior High!Chapter 79: Vol.5 79Th Period: S

What is Attack on Titan?

The brawny and mammoth humanoids who resemble human men but are all immensely malevolent in nature, routinely clobber each other in a type of “tit-for-tat” ritual at Kitezh (near the Mongolian border) until the last man is killed. The reason why the brute powers behind these giant goliaths (called “Guren” or “monsters”) all look like different men is because it was proposed that they had eaten the “father” of each man and preserved his features. The myth, which has undergone revisions, was derived from the superstition of Kitezh’s former inhabitants, when real-world appearance was described as the essential prerequisite for any warrior. A groundbreaking work of manga Kishimoto Koichi has not only created a Japanese sensation, but a blockbuster anime as well.

The Characteristics of Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan Anime

The Anime Attack on Titan seems to be determined by the TV Tokyo Kouta Kazanashi: A strong kid with the bravery of a lion. A romantic interest of Eren Yeager, the ‘Terrorists’ and leader of the underground ‘Combat Group of Arcs.’ Though also the hottest otaku, He’s somehow the hero. Eren Yeager: An orphan without any family. Eren has been set upon this path of violence by the ‘Seeders’, who sent him to live alone in the bowels of the earth. Eren’s favorite hobby is… crush magnets. Mikasa Ackerman: A genius and an excellent sniper, although unable to effectively participate in combat. Mikasa is a role model for everyone.

Why Attack on Titan is the Greatest Fighting Game of All Time

Naturally, the main goal was to kill the monsters. However, the gendarmes understood how difficult it would be for them to annihilate the monsters and made preparations for their rescue. The story was well-proportioned as well and the victory of each character had a believable impact on the other characters. It is highly likely that in the film itself, you will find some familiar lines you might have heard before.

My Opinion on Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan seems to represent the appropriate design of Evangelion, but while fighting against the Titans, the characters had to keep their action plans vague. The anime always combines the human perspective with the dangerous to the humans scenario. The anime differs from the manga, however, by making the initial escalation into the zone a mistake and therefore the defense of the humans from the Titans becomes their prime objective. A lot of people don’t understand the huge impact this has on the movie.

Favorite Character

Hange is the only fighter that has experienced the changing times since the Earth Defense Force was first formed. Even though he has witnessed other people losing their loved ones in front of his eyes, Hange manages to carry on with his strong personality even when confronted with giant beasts that he cannot stop. Although he looks at others from a cocky perspective, Hange strives to achieve his goals as a soldier in order to protect the humanity he loves. Black Swordsman Black Swordsman is a historical manga, taking place in the Sengoku Era. The title of this manga hints to the fact that it will be a pastiche of Japanese samurai stories, although with its unique and original theme that mixes fierce ninja-like acts with flying tea ceremonies.

Funniest Moment in the Series


There’s a lot of ways to comment on the most logical and funniest moments in Attack on Titan. That is why in Attack on Titan: Escape from Heights, the creators of “Attack on Titan” devoted one of the arcs to appreciate the most amusing one. A guy simply doing what he feels is necessary to protect himself and his companions. Kill-Or-Be-Killed? People in this world are addicted to the spectacle of killing any titan that escapes the guards. However, the mass hysteria causes tragedy when too many people put aside their humanity in order to enjoy their killing spree. A Blockbuster Survival Game The developers of “Attack on Titan” have decided to showcase their ability to create high-quality computer and console games.

What is Attack on Titan?

Ever since the publication of Hajime Isayama’s Attack on Titan manga, most anime and video game producers have engaged in their own reworkings of the concept. In 2015, a highly anticipated game called Attack on Titan (Ansatsu Kyoushitsu) was developed by the character designer Makoto Matsubara, Takayuki Yanase and Tomoyuki Sasaki (Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann) and directed by Masanori Adachi (Guilty Crown). As the title suggests, Attack on Titan is a vertically scrolling arcade fighting game that requires the players to use giant Titans as obstacles. They’re played on an arcade console with a joystick and two buttons; the Titan or “power” button is used to launch the titan, while the Titan “belt” or “jump” button is used to pull off an attack.

The Characteristics of Attack on Titan

Hence, the primary goal of the player is to help the humans survive the assault by these attacking Titans in the ever-present basement that composes the human space. Within the way that the Titan assaults, the scenario is specific and complicated. The first thing that must be tackled is to not allow the Titan access to the human territory, since this is where the humans stay within their fortified mansion. In fact, this must be accomplished at all cost, so that the Titan will not be able to convert the mansion into a convenience store and the area into its personal latrine. An ideal strategy for destroying the Titan is by acting aggressively at the Titan and the other people in a cage.

Why Attack on Titan is the Greatest Fighting Game of All Time

The depictions of otherworldly beings are perhaps to be the most fascinating themes in video game history. Take the popular series from Spike Chunsoft. Released in 2013, the game franchise’s first installment depicted the battle against colossal beasts that devour everything in their paths. And the title in the game, Attack on Titan, is inspired by the anime of the same name. That animated drama about people struggling against these supernatural monsters has almost 250 million viewers and was considered as a hot title back in the day. It set itself to live on as a game with several adaptations, with the most recent one debuting in 2017. How Could Attack on Titan Improve as a Fighting Game? One of the intriguing parts of the show and the game is the hand-to-hand combat.

My Opinion on Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan is definitely a nice anime. I like it, although its story sometimes get boring at times. Also, I found the female leads cheesy at times. Nevertheless, it is a good anime and, let me tell you, it will be getting an awesome anime game. Attack on Titan Anime has a lot of great characters. Moreover, they have diverse personalities. The main one is Eren, the main

character, who is a delinquent and constantly trying to find his way to the

surface and overcome the challenge the Titans pose.

While other characters,

such as Mikasa, Armin, Hange, and Levi, are at the opposite, a reformed delinquency, and learning

how to deal with their emotions,

albeit that they do it in a slightly twisted way.

Favorite Character

The youngest girl of a farming family, Reiner, has been studying the origins

of man-eating Titans since she was 7 years old.

At the time when the girl, a spy for the Survey Corps, encounters the towering monster (who remains invisible to the humans) while escaping from its bedroom, she realizes that she is not afraid of the boy-like creature. And then, for the first time, the girl sees

someone that is not afraid of the giant Titans. My favorite character is the daughter of an underground mining clan

called the Peptoids. As a child, she was bitten by a giant Aragog, a former Aragog that resembles a bat.

Funniest Moment in the Series

Waaah! Eren and Mikasa are so frickin’ cute! Who doesn’t love them! BEST THING ABOUT THE CAST This is a very, very hard question. The actors did their own stunts and are believable actors in the actual battles. They were superb. WORST THING ABOUT THE CAST Tough to choose because they were so good. That said, the best thing about the cast is their chemistry. Suneho Machiko’s acting is just amazing, and she makes her scenes fun and adventurous and scary. In fact, her character was known to almost everyone as the dumbest member of the class, but she fooled us. She’s very much like the others, if not slightly more mature.

Annoying Thing About the Cast The fact that Suneho and Seita would always pair up together,

despite how convenient it would be for the two to be on the opposite sides.


As the track above tells, everything started out when the battles began within the human population, and

once the destructive force became audible, the base fell into the inevitable jeopardy of the attacking monsters,

before eventually getting overshadowed by a tide of the self-declared monsters. Thus, the

legendary battle has been a core concern for the many, as

it sparked great interest in the general population, which continues to be generated with its decline.

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