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Artificial intelligence Healthcare

Artificial intelligence/Healthcare

artificial intelligence healthcare: Here at Nector, we’re constantly thinking about how artificial intelligence can help solve some of the most complex problems. One of the biggest opportunities for AI is healthcare.

Artificial intelligence/Healthcare

What is healthcare?

It’s care of a person. It’s caring for an individual who is ill.

Are we already providing care through artificial intelligence? Not really. The biggest initiatives have been in the form of massive amounts of data which were fed through their respective applications and workflows. The biggest impact these platforms have come in helping the “clustering” effect that is meant to help solve some of our deepest social problems.

For example, let’s look at how look at the “clustering” to personalize the product of an artificial intelligence service. Suppose you’re in your coffee shop and you log in. Why you log in? You log in so that you know who’s already in the shop so that you can be served by the fastest person in line.

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At the point you checkout and sign in, you log in to a website. The next time you use this website, you can see who’s in your scan area (or whatever) so that they can be served faster.

Information of those who have entered an environment is fed into this model and other machine learning systems which deliver results based on that.

Artificial intelligence/Healthcare

The data of the humans who are interacting with you (i.e. who scanned first) helps the “clustering” of human interactions into groups.

That example is beautiful because in the example, the application let’s users know where to go, how to get there, who scans first, if there’s longer lines or further processing times. It’s like having someone else to guide your steps through the system and guiding it with your very own . Now add software that is interested in seeing how the service is performing by measuring how long the scan takes, how long it takes to take out to get faster (it can tell if people aren’t scanning as often as expected), and it creates predictive algorithms. The end result is more focused and well defined groups of people. It then spits out good decisions.

If you think about how this could drive down unnecessary hospital trips and ER visits and so forth, that’s a big positive.

Do we know when artificial intelligence is going to fully take over the jobs of human medical staff? Not yet. The at least two short-term visible benefits we can expect from medical institutions are better data and fewer errors. As these processes get better, human staff won’t be needed as much.

will artificial intelligence replace healthcare workers

AI will also help the medical profession tremendously. These systems will have “clever, empathetic answers” and the “robust abilities to assist quickly”. This will help “go-to-market” much more quickly and cost-effectively than we have ever done before.

Now let’s compare this to another industry which is increasingly heading towards artificial intelligence. Food service.

Think about an advanced food service that’s able to take food and identify if it is good for the stomach and its enzymes

and teach the machine how to process it as soon as it gets delivered so that it doesn’t just sit around clogged in its

own feces. It will learn to process food that comes from different sources and will probably be able to prepare quality

meals that have unique flavor and texture.

Artificial intelligence/Healthcare

I could go on for another blog post about how food services will have AI imprinted in their products, but we aren’t

a food service blog and what we’re going to say would sound like utter hogwash. I’m only trying to push the demand

for adoption of AI to a different industry. I believe AI will eventually jump from other industries and jump into

healthcare, food services, and other businesses in an exciting way.


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