You are currently viewing A Silent Voice, by Yoshitoki Oima: that messed up with emotions

A Silent Voice, by Yoshitoki Oima: that messed up with emotions

An Anime That Will Inspire You: A Silent Voice, by Yoshitoki Oima

A Silent Voice really addresses the center thought of how we decide to treat others and shows us some significant life examples, like accepting others regardless of clumsiness and dread, saying ‘sorry’ and looking for recovery for past wrongs and to approach each other with deference and thoughtfulness.

A Silent Voice Special Book


A Silent Voice Special Book 

Chapter: Oneshot


Hisohiso – Silent Voice 

Vol.2 Chapter 11.5Vol.2 Chapter 11

Why A Silent Voice is inspiring

The approach is gentle and friendly towards the people around us, something we rarely see, and this really shows how we could live in peace. In the book, we find out the message and the meaning of the book.

The Story


The story focuses on Shoya Ishida, an introverted and depressed teenager in an all-boys’ school who becomes friends with Naoko Shiozaki, a lonely third-year girl who suffers from tinnitus. She transfers in from an all-girls’ school because her dad recently left her mother, and because Naoko desperately wants a female friend. The conflict arises when Shoya learns that Naoko has joined the school’s music club, which only accepts boys. The theme of bullying and isolation is addressed throughout the show, primarily via Naoko’s tinnitus, with a pair of earbuds providing the sound of buzzing, giving the audience a feel for the sounds that are deafening to her. There’s no language barrier between her and Shoya, and he eventually learns to sign so he can talk to her as she can’t speak.

Why A Silent Voice should be your next anime

If you want to make a difference in the lives of children like Shoya, whose silence is the one element that prevents him from being more human and meaningful, watch A Silent Voice. If you want to see the humanizing, life-giving power of people who are sometimes least admirable, look at A Silent Voice. The Translation & Language Mix A Silent Voice features characters who speak entirely in Japanese with English subtitles. However, many viewers feel that the subtitles sometimes feel a bit too much like subtitles (that is, much more serious than the content) and sometimes the subtitles are just random long words that are difficult to read. For this reason, I recommend getting it subtitled instead of trying to see the film in English without subtitles.


I feel this collection of animated shorts really sheds light on the nature of introspection that exists in so many of us, and I hope that I can lead the generation of filmmakers who will look at this topic in a new light. I truly believe that animated works can do wonders, and if I am able to inspire at least one animator to push animation forward, or if one is inspired by the numerous animation works that I’ve reviewed, then this book can and will have been a success. Thank you to Yoshitoki Oima for creating this book! If you have any additional thoughts or concerns, please leave a comment below and I will happily respond. If you’re interested in the project, check out my Kickstarter campaign!

An Anime That Will Inspire You: A Silent Voice, by Yoshitoki Oima

A Silent Voice really addresses the center thought of how we decide to treat others and shows us some significant life examples, like accepting others regardless of clumsiness and dread, saying ‘sorry’ and looking for recovery for past wrongs and to approach each other with deference and thoughtfulness.

What is a Silent Voice?

An anime that I would like to highlight today is ‘A Silent Voice’. It was adapted from the 2016 novel that was written by Yoshitoki Oima. Oima is a Japanese writer and a professor of literature. The plot is adapted from his novel ‘Kaze Tachinu’ which means ‘The Wind Pushes Back’ in English. The story is about Eru, a bullied middle school student in Japan. He lives with his single mother and is quite good at drawing. He is so dedicated to drawing that he enjoys the process so much that he even loses his sight to be able to make use of his imagination.

Why This Anime Matters

A Silent Voice has been screened in over 65 countries around the world to the tune of over $5M in ticket sales and has become an immediate classic for anime viewers. It has received a massive critical acclaim for telling a sweet, poignant, intelligent, and beautiful story without any of the stupidity often associated with anime. It is a beautiful love story, well-grounded in the reality of young people in Japan, and it addresses the major themes of life with a subtlety and clarity that shines brightly. Speaking of ShoutFest 2017 and Chaitanya Tamhane’s latest, what I personally find most striking about the movie is how much more there is to it than I first expected when I walked into the theater.


How A Silent Voice Is Different

Ishida Shoko, the main character of A Silent Voice, struggles with autism, yet she is a shy and introverted girl who’s in love with her childhood friend Kaneda. The original story was released in 2010 and is now being developed into an anime. The story was submitted by Yoshitoki Oima, an award-winning illustrator and cartoonist. The story had not previously been adapted into a movie, yet Oima’s book is outstanding. It has received countless awards, including the CUTIE Award for Best Manga in 2012. One of the reasons this anime is exceptional, compared to other animated movies, is that it stays true to the story that was posted online. This is not the case with many Hollywood productions, and this anime is simply outstanding.

A Silent Voice’s Theme


The mystery of teenagers: How did they make this happen? The silent generation and the previous generation that

loves simplicity and the different years and means Our generation and the elders’ generation and how to embrace

change The 80’s and the 90’s are a period of wealth and prosperity. The 80’s makes us complacent and the 90’s

marks us moving on If I spoke to others with the same, I wouldn’t be an enigma. I’d simply be a person with a

long history. Kasumi also shows the other side, that every day, we must go out of our way to make

connections, taking care of one another. It can be hard to do, but that’s what we have to do.

Yoshitoki Oima’s Anime That Will Inspire You: Blood-C Your web site has an Anime of the Month section.


This is an important step in so many ways. Acceptance entails not worrying that others will not like us and how

to approach them, not expecting others to feel the same way as we do and not having a negative impression of

them or trying to put them in a certain category. If people learn to respect others, and they learn to accept others

in their actions, they can respect themselves. If you accept yourself, you can also accept others. The people who

teach you the most, including teachers, are not those who are great communicators or the best-loved or the ones

who make you feel like you’re the coolest kid on the block. It’s the people who are kind and accept you

for who you are, the people who notice your good and bad and take good care of you.

Accepting Yourself and Others

A Silent Voice has no antagonists in a way, which makes it incredibly meaningful for me personally. Most of the time, even if you know someone who is standing for something that you disagree with, you’d still say “sorry” and step aside, leaving them to fight their own battle. But in A Silent Voice, the characters accepted each other for who they were, even if they had little to no common ground. It’s not your fault. Nobody is responsible for your actions. A study by MIT and Indiana University reveals that “self-compassion” reduces stress and increases resilience to stressors. And what better use of your time than self-compassion?

Recovery from Past Wrongs

Akira Hirota is a middle school student at Kōshō Academy. He has a talent for drawing, but is ridiculed by his classmates. This incident and others lead him to fantasize about killing his classmate, Shoya Ishida. While he thinks of the events as entertainment, his unbalanced mind makes it seem like a good option. After this incident, Akito retreats into a state of near-comatose.

He imagines having a purpose in this world other than killing people. He realizes he must have

anger that hurts and gives him the will to do good.also

He finds a notebook in the class library which has pages from the diaries of Shoya Ishida. He calls it ‘Book of

the Injustice Man’ and starts to read it to see what a ‘man who hates’ must have been like.


While all of these anime were pretty enjoyable and inspiring, I will leave you with one last note, if you can, watch Silence.

It is only 46 minutes and if you watch it, you will learn the most from the impact that the film made on me. Do not watch

it if you want something light and fluffy, this is an incredibly heavy anime, but it is exactly the right one for

this season. FINAL THOUGHTS Adventures in finding enjoyment in these dark times comes from our own personal

taste, so if you are unable to enjoy this anime, that is completely fine! Give the other anime a chance and don’t

feel badly about it. The people that you watch it with will understand if you can’t enjoy it,

because you probably are the only one that enjoyed this.**


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